Now that Donald Trump has Won


I don’t think they’re going to indict Trump. I just have no faith in the government at this point. It would take video of Trump violently stabbing someone for them to try and impeach him.


If only. The person being stabbed would obviously “have a troubled past” and that would be that.


I’m honestly pretty sure he’d go down on nothing more than a video of him in a room along with a bunch of Russian prostitutes urinating on a bed. A video I’m like 99% sure already exists.


I don’t think that would matter. It would have to be a violent crime he couldn’t get away with.

(So like, harming a white male child).


On a lighter note: this twitter thread of Trump speedrunning the Watergate Scandal is a work of art.


Don’t count out the prudishness of old people. If a semen stained dress can do it I’m betting so can a pornographic video.


The GOP would have to lose majority in the House before anything significant happened.


That comment section is especially painful. People arguing “illegals should be arrested!!” and not considering citizens-who-seem-foreign-to-the-beholder-and-aren’t-currently-carrying-id. Clueless.


While working with my local Migrant Center, I learned that over the past many years citizens who didn’t happen to have their ID with them were deported, because ICE Courts are so over-worked and understaffed that the average immigration hearing only last 7 minutes, they were not able to obtain counsel, and the person had minimal English.

Note that the story below is from 2016. I would assume that with recent raids and ICE being given carte blanche, that this happens with even greater frequency now.


yep. One of the reasons I always carry my passport card.



I’d watch that episode.


Shamelessly stolen from Ikatono’s Facebook.


Lol I grabbed that from earlier in this thread.


Oops. I took a hiatus from this thread and didn’t notice.


So Rosentstein has, apparently on his own volition, gone to Capital Hill and is meeting with the ranking Republican and Democratic senators for the Intelligence Committee.


So much is happening today.

But the FBI just raided a big GOP fundraising office.

Federal investigation from Washington: not local.


Maybe the whole GOP is in bed with the Russians? Maybe that’s why they aren’t upset?


The question becomes… why?

I hope they have good reason, not because I have any love for a GOP fundraising firm but because if they don’t, the administration will just shrug this off saying the FBI has nothing and just wanted revenge after their head’s firing.

I really would like it if this was followed by some damning evidence of fowl play rather than by silence.


It might be related to separate fraud from a race in 2013 and a fraudulent GOP-supporting PAC.