Now that Donald Trump has Won


That seems likely but disappointing. I suspect the warrant has been in the works for a while and they decided to go ahead and execute it now to prove a point.



Because he absolutely cannot have anything he does not be 100% his idea.


How long until Sean Spicer or Kellyanne Conway get fired? “People think you are fake news now, you’re fired, getouttahere.”



What if this is just like the greatest feat of reality television ever conceived, and in the end it turns out to be the new season of The Apprentice?


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“Shitshow” doesn’t even describe the current political landscape because it implies someone had the foresight to plan a show.
[/quote]Might I suggest “Arse-spraying mayhem”?


Trump’s precious DAPL has leaked already.


For a chuckle, check out


If he goes through with this, he may crash an burn far sooner than I expected.


The question is, do his decades of lying outdo his extremely thin skin. Does someone push him far enough to say something incriminating? Does his lack of information and honestly violate any laws? Who can say.



Trump essentially confirmed this and said “so what?”

What will it take to get this moron impeached? Only fun thing about this is how Trump has thrown all his supporters who called it a “fake story”, his own security advisor McMaster who denied it and the Russian government who denied it under the bus.


Best answers I’ve heard here are “For him to say Black Lives Matter” or “A democratic congress”


Listening to all the prognosticators was clouding up my judgement before. I think the Democrats will choke at the half, Trump will go the distance, finish out his term, and run again. It is hard to see how he is going to be prosecuted for anything.


Folks, please explain to me what is going on… I am extremely frightened and having panic attacks over every bit of news that comes out.

It feels like my life is in imminent danger and that our government won’t exist long enough to even vote in 2018.

Please, someone help.


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Folks, please explain to me what is going on… I am extremely frightened and having panic attacks over every bit of news that comes out.
[/quote]Shit’s fucked, the US government is largely in disarray, people are fighting back and helping each other. You are probably not in personal imminent danger, and the US government is surprisingly robust, even if the current administration collapses under it’s own incompetence, the government will remain, and things will proceed. Much like a pet rock, will be hard, but it will live. You are surrounded by friends who can help and protect you. I’m not going to say don’t worry - but, like, worry a reasonable amount, not too much.


There is so much hyperbole going around from people and that is doing a lot to trigger my anxiety… Level-headed picture painting of the situation helps like with what you did.

It’s when I see stuff like “America is dead/ruined/fucked!!!” that my brain starts flaring up and I start freaking out. :frowning:


Honestly, I doubt any impeachment efforts will happen until the mid term elections. Only when the republicans see the damage of Trump costing them seats in the House, will they finally let impeachment move forward.


The proposition that we have some 600 more days of this shit until the next Congressional term starts is pretty terrifying, though.