Now that Donald Trump has Won


Geez, this is all so goddamn frustrating to me. What gets me most is how smug and self-righteous those Republicans are being about this.

I’m going to continue to be as politically active on the local and state level as possible, but considering I live in Texas…it’s very hard to push through the sea of red here.



As a Kentuckian, I feel ya! Luckily I live in one of two counties that actually voted Hillary.


Yeah, I’m on the same boat. I live in Austin, so it’s a little island of blue in a sea of red.


A fundraising group called ActBlue is doing a campaign to raise money against every swing-district Republican who voted for the AHCA:
It’s raised $275k from small donors in 4 hours.


And the terrifying news just keeps coming today:


Thanks! I donated to ActBlue today!


Seeing Cerebral Palsy scroll past on a list of things the GOP deemed as pre-existing conditions made everything so much more real today. Thank you to everyone here who is fighting whether they have skin in the game or not.


Trump has fired James Comey


What the actual fuck.

This is either going to set up his fall, or we’re going to see an unprecedented level of corruption emerge in Congress.

At which point…revolution?


While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation…


“Memos released by the White House show that Rod J. Rosenstein, the newly sworn-in deputy attorney general, recommended that Mr. Comey be fired over how he disclosed the investigation into Mrs. Clinton.”

This would be hilarious if it wasn’t also terrifying.


This FBI Director has sought for years to jail me on account of my political activities. If I can oppose his firing, so can you.

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) May 9, 2017


The Daily Beast is not my preferred source, but this is one of the best articles about Comey’s firing I have come across thus far:

The Comey firing comes two days before he was scheduled to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee in an open hearing, to testify about “worldwide threats.” Questions about the FBI’s investigation into possible Trump-Russia ties would have likely surfaced.

… But Rosenstein and his boss, Jeff Sessions, seem to have made their determination about Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation before the department’s own inspector general apparently finished investigating Comey for the same matter. Inspector General Michael Horowitz said in January his office was investigating Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation, including the July 2016 news conference that Rosenstein cites as the primary reason he was fired.

Related, Anderson Cooper won’t let Kellyanne Conwa, and by extension Trumpsterfire, off the hook with their nonsensical explanation for the firing. It is really worth a watch as he contrasts Candidate Trump with President Trump.


I thought Comey should have been fired after basically directly influencing the election with his senate letter an e-mail before the election. However, this is essentially Nixon-esque tactics right there. The timing is ten kinds of shady right after the testimonty of Yates and Clapper and with the subpeonas issued today, and it has been reported that the White House desperately was trying to find an excuse to fire Comey rather than having an actual legitimate reason to do so.


We live in a fascist, unsafe Nation. Some communities have known this for a while, but the rest of the naion needs to wake the f*** up.


Sorry for the double post, but Trump meeting with Henry Kissinger today, a meeting that was not on his official schedule, and then meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is just insane. Even if it was all entirely innocent, which I doubt, the optics of this are mind-blowing. Any PR person worth their salt would know this. Any sane, rational person would know this.


Don’t forget, Kislyak was there too, which was not officially known beforehand.


Over/under on Trump fleeing the country before he gets indicted?


A bunch of war criminals got together for some photo ops. Sounds like America to me.