Now that Donald Trump has Won


Was the article updated? Because I see no relation to the article and the text you wrote about him changing his mind.


I’m also not sure I trust Washington Times as a legitimate news source…


Yeah, Washington Times is not the most reliable source of news. I would recommend The Washington Post, if anything.


Washington Times is conservative, so the Post isn’t a good replacement as far as viewpoint goes. I’d recommend the Hill instead.


Any reporting on his statements of intent is bullshit.

The only worthwhile reporting is on the substance of actual actions or concrete proposals.


I guess I should’ve paid more attention to what I was reading. I misinterpreted the article. Sorry about that.


It’s a bit more than just conservative… I mean, it’s owned by Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church, after all. I agree that the Hill, which has a slightly conservative bent, is a better choice than the Washington Times.


Obviously take this with a grain of salt, but it largely holds up.


Eh. Not a fan of the editorializing on that image, which has an insanely huge middle-of-the-road bias.

Also Fox News “Meets high standards” wtf.


What’s “Basic AF”?


AF usually stands for “as fuck” in “kids these days” speak. Not sure exactly what level of journalism is quantified by “Basic as fuck,” but I’m assuming it’s on the level of “reports things at their basic level without any additional commentary or insight.”

I could be giving it too much credit, though. Perhaps there is a slang meaning to “Basic” with which I am unfamiliar.


Well, it does when compared to InfoWars, Breitbart, Addicting Info, etc. It may also be somewhat better if you filter out their opinion programming (which is probably on the order of 90% of their programming) and just look at their straight up news stuff.

Also, “high standards” may be a bit wishy-washy. Looking at the axis, it may be with how much information/detail is provided as part of the story as opposed to its journalistic value. It does put Fox right on the line between “skews conservative but still reputable” and “questionable journalistic value,” which, I’d say is probably pretty close to the mark. Some of their reporting is fairly decent, especially if it’s something apolitical.


[quote=“Nuri, post:212, topic:125”]
Perhaps there is a slang meaning to “Basic” with which I am unfamiliar.
[/quote]There is. I can only remember hearing it as part of “basic bitch”, but apparently one can be “basic AF” too.



Something like an abortion gag should not be party-centric at all unless all political parties are males. Oh wait.
And now they’re great again.

Also exporting to the US is going to be detrimental, might as well just focus on the rest of the world. Plus manufacturing all within the US? Catching up to Asia is going to be kind of difficult considering even the boutique manufacturers in the US cannot produce quality that is comparable.

He’s got his wall! He made a trade wall and is super protectionist, it’s like a mini Putin. On the upside, if manufacturing is made possible in the US at least you will build up enough infrastructure to compete with some low to mid volume manufacturing countries.

No Pacific Rim policy no help when the Kaiju attack.



That’s not really different from what I said… thought I guess maybe if they add commentary or insights that have a heavy slant but are not subtle about the slant they put on it, that could be considered “Basic AF?”


The adjective is ‘basic’. Adding anything to the end is just the noun for basic.


Trump admin orders EPA contract freeze and media blackout
Well this is a scary precedent.


Horrifying is only the first word to of many that come to mind for the actions in the first four days.


He also silenced Dept. of Agriculture scientists and the CDC abruptly cancelled their February conference on climate change witb a really cryptic non-explaination.

On top of it all:

There are those defying the the orders to be silent: