Now that Donald Trump has Won


Vice isn’t my favorite source, but this rundown is on point:


The Trump administration has now promised that not only will it build the border wall, but also “detention spaces” for undocumented immigrants. It has also said it will publish a list of crimes purportedly committed by illegal immigrants on a weekly basis. Oh yeah and it says that torture “totally works” as an interrogation technique. But they’re not a racist totalitarian regime. Oh yeah, and he threatened the city of Chicago with martial law yesterday. But now they don’t shut down all EPA publications. Instead they’re will have to pass through a political review before being released, which is of course totally not something straight out of 1984.

Seriously, fuck this shit. How did so many fucking americans say “eh, I’m totally okay if Trump gets into power”, and even worse how can anyone actively support this unhuman slime that is Trump and his cronies.

America is fucked unless this is stopped like immediately. I just hope these assholes don’t take the world down with them too.


Unfortunately, there are a significant number of Americans who, frankly, are stupid, evil, and/or just don’t care. That’s what’s going on here…

So yeah, Lisbon is nice… :stuck_out_tongue:


Just invade us.



I just want New York State to secede and join Canada.


Can New England tag along?


That EU citizenship looks awful tempting. Give me a few months working on my Italian and my first home may be in Palermo rather than NY


Don’t join Canada. Join Mexico. Then he’ll build a wall on our border.




Also you’re up for getting a 31 - 44 billion dollar injection into the economy donated by the US to build a “big,big wall”.
Plus you’re already set up for mass manufacturing better than the US.


Yeah… I already have dual citizenship with Portugal, so Lisbon is looking tempting as well…


Looks like Trump is acting like the kind of President every campaign always paints their opponent as: doing everything they can, as fast as they can to change the country.

Can you imagine how different the US would be if Obama had been even half as bold as Trump is being?


They would have gone for full blown impeachment for “Executive Overreach”. As is was the House Oversight committee probably would be conducting Impeachment hearings for Hillary Clinton to try to disqualify her from office, if she had won the election.

It’s possible the Republicans think they’re on a time clock, people could be so angry at Trump they could lose the House in 2018. If that happens then Trump gets impeached because of violating the constitution. That’s why they’re trying to destroy as much of the federal government as quickly as possible.


If we both make it to Europe… How about we meet by train, since anywhere in Europe is basically accessible to anywhere else in Europe via train (or so I’ve been lead to believe)

I’ve got my Italian citizenship as well. Getting it involved proving that my paternal grandfather never renounced his citizenship. That was a fun day digging through 60 year old documents.


Are you forgetting that Obama had both a Democratic Senate and House? For his first TWO years. A larger majority in the Senate?


The first two years was devoted to getting the Affordable Care Act through the House and Senate.


While not expressly related to Trump, yesterday, the entire senior level of management at the State Department resigned, part of an ongoing mass exodus of senior foreign service officers who don’t want to stick around for the Trump era.

#240 Except that’s not exactly what happened. Since the Republicans decided to make everything a 60 vote


After 2 weeks of mostly being off twitter, except when I got a notification of some message, coming back to it feels like being saturated in swamp water. And choosing to be swamped. After a day I starting muting people who continually talked Trump and “politics”, but it’s not enough.

It turns out that even when muting to stop the deluge, 75% of what’s left is still Trump related. I can’t cope with this! I think I’ll just keep muting people who mention Trump stuff more than once, and see what Twitter is still providing me.