Now That Donald Trump Has Lost

Man, it feels cathartic to make a thread with this topic as the header.
Let’s all take a deep breath that these last four years are over.

Post anything that shows Trump and his pals trying to cry and pout their way out of his sweeping failure.


No justice, no peace.


Now get the Senate!


A nation literally dancing in the streets to celebrate your defeat must be one of the worst feelings in the world, and there are few people who deserve it more than Trump.

About the Four Seasons thing: Notice how in the first tweet Trump just says “Four Seasons”. Apparently this happened before the legal team had booked the Four Seasons Hotel. The Hotel told them to piss up a rope and the legal team desperately scrambled to find an alternative without invalidating the term “Four Seasons”.


Fucking amazing.

I still can’t believe that four season stuff. Though that is also the most Philadelphian thing.


Never ever forget, people voted for these morons in huge numbers.

Now, we focus on the Georgia Senate Race.

This is now the most important political fight in America.


Why not now?

Given how Bush has been rehabilitated over the last couple years, it’s hard to imaging Trump not getting the same treatment once the next Republican ghoul takes the White House.


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Call or email your House/Senate reps today.

Demand hearings on Pompeo’s egregious and troubling statement.


Weird how he maintains such a smug look while attempting to dismantle democracy. Should we not be worried when some of the most powerful people in the world decide to pick a fight?

Something that has been (increasingly) evident for the last 4 years but is even more stark now is being confronted in various and unexpected ways with the high numbers & percentage of active Trump supporters in the world and how to deal with this reality in so many facets of my life. Be they Trump yard signs, bumper stickers, flags or comments on social media (including, lately, places like LinkedIn) I am continually disappointed by either finding out someone I know personally actually believes his horsehocky or just a business or professional connection is firmly entrenched. I’m not talking about friends, that is a much simpler decision to make. I’m talking about confronting the reality that somewhere around 40-60% of the people I may encounter or have to interact with actually believe this guy and think he is the best thing since sliced bread.

I’ve been taking a sabbatical from work for a while and have started the process of looking for a job again and as I do my research about companies and people I could network / interview with and finding staunch Trump support spread all over is really disheartening, not that it is everyone but it can be found anywhere and everywhere. That I think is the bigger issue, I see that 71+ million people voted for him but confronting the fact that his supporters are spread all over and nowhere is safe is a shitty thing.