Novel clarifying turns of phrases

Most people don’t have a PC anymore. They do everything on the phone.

What is the opposite of Doomscrolling?

I asked Juliane about this on Saturday evening, when sitting around an outdoor fire place, for the purposes of a post-wedding celebration, but all four of us were refreshing twitter trending tweets over and over. I wasn’t the only one to wonder. Hence:


Trailerizing Songs


Clicked for Mad World, was not disappointed.

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But, turns out, Mad World wasn’t used in the trailer for Donnie Darko! But as far as I can tell it was a forerunner of the trend.

The Gears of War trailer…

A “rugpull”

NFT developers rugpull for a third time, this time with “Big Daddy Ape Club”

Big Daddy Ape Club NFT(attribution)

The creators of “Big Daddy Ape Club” rugpulled shortly after mint, deleting their social media and website and making off with around $1.2 million. The project’s creators were reportedly the same as those who’d pulled off the $2 million “Baller Ape Club” rug pull in October 2021, and a $150,000 one before that.

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