Novel clarifying turns of phrases

Hear a new word or turn of phrase that suddenly makes a concept click in you head?

Here’s a thread to share!

“ Trump’s arrival is the catalyst seed crystal that produces the phase change. The final product of the reaction emerges in its crystallised form, and the remaining elements of the mixture are discarded.”

Like counts under social media posts are the Sitcom Laugh Track of our generation.


Avoidant attachment.

I never had a word to describe a phenomenon that’s all too familiar to me.

Entschuldigen Sie, ich habe eine Frage. Sprechen wir hier Deutsch?

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So formal? …

Internet Advertising is the dream state of your digital life.

In other words, at the end of the day, you sleep, and all your memories and experiences are processing and that emerges in your dreams.

And with about the same lag, all of your digital life is processed by Google and Facebook, and emerges as digital memories in your Instagram feed and in YouTube pre-roll adverts.

Goldbuggery, n., someone who believes in the intrinsic value of gold. Derived from an old term used to describe advocates of the Gold Standard. Notable recent examples include Glen Beck and Alex Jones.