Notable Deaths

Gordon Lightfoot passed


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Fellas, it’s been good to know ya

1 Like I’m putting this here because anyone who is a fan of Hulk Hogan needs to realize this was the wrestler he got the majority of his persona from.

Truly the greatest running back in NFL history. Pretty impressive acting career as well, considering. Quite a handful of people have taken the career path from athlete to actor, but Jim Brown maybe the best I can think of other than maybe Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

For as great as Jim Brown was, we can’t ignore that he had a host of inexcusable domestic violence issues. It doesn’t excuse it one bit, but you gotta wonder how much CTE and other brain-related trauma affected him considering the era in which he played, and the length of his career.

At least within the realm of sports I think Jim’s accomplishments are underappreciated by the youth. He wasn’t a QB, he played in Cleveland, and he stopped playing before most (all) of us were born. But back in those days, there was a lot more run game and a lot less passing game. He was probably the most impactful and important player on the field in most games he played in.


I’ve always found it interesting that his career wasn’t ended by injury, contract negotiations or some league violation. He had to announce his retirement due to the movie he was in, The Dirty Dozen, was running over shooting schedule and would conflict with training camp.

Nowadays I feel like it’s very easy to know of popular musicians without actually knowing them. I’ve heard of people like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Drake, The Weeknd, etc. But I could not without the aid of the Internet recognize any song by any of them. I could probably guess, but I can’t name or sing one from my head.

That wasn’t as true in the pre-Internet times. When people got music from radio and television, big artists were big. You knew them and their sound whether you were directly their fan or not.

Was I ever a Tina Turner fan? No. I didn’t buy any of her albums, go to her concerts, or seek her out at any point in time. Yet somehow of course I know her songs. I can recognize her voice anywhere. If her music is on, of course it’s a great pleasure to hear it.

RIP to one of the all time greats. Here is a song of hers most appropriate for this community.


I’m always a little embarrassed how shallow my knowledge of Turner’s discography is. I know a handful of tunes from her time with Ike and some of her Renaissance hits, and I don’t particularly care for the latter, but my favorite cut by her is an exceptionally deep cut to the point where I have to upload it to Google Drive to share it with you all because copyright bots keep taking it off Soundcloud even when I upload it privately. It’s a rendition of Come Together (which I am aware was a standard of her set for decades) backed by both her usual band and the London Symphony Orchestra. It was recorded for the titanic flop of a film All This and World War II which has a stellar soundtrack that has never and probably will never be rereleased. This is my own personal rip from the vinyl.

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My first experience with Tina Turner was from her MTV video What’s Love got to do with it. This and her role as the villian in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and the title song she did. R.I.P


Tina Turner briefly talks about GoldenEye in this Amazon Original documentary about James Bond’s music. And how Bono and the Edge had the absolute worst demo tape they made for her to convince her to sing it.

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Brian “Sled Driver” Shul

Might know him from the Speed Check anecdote that goes around every so often.

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She’ll be remembered for “The Girl From Ipanema” but she was so much more. Do yourself and your ears a favor and take a listen to “The Best of Astrud Gilberto.” Your ears and your soul will thank you. It’s what I’ll be streaming all day, sadly.


Break St. Peter’s back, make him humble.

(Since Twitter is made of toothpicks and gum these days, Iron Sheik has passed. )


We will remember him as he lived - demolishing that Jabroni Hulk Hogan


I hope he was at least right about the existence of hell, because that would mean his eternal suffering has already begun.


As if anyone needs to spend any more time thinking about this guy, but there is a whole Wikipedia page on his “issues” and just skimming the section headings is pretty wild!

It’s in the style of an editorial cartoon, but takes advantage of the timing of the news:

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