Notable Deaths

Tina Turner briefly talks about GoldenEye in this Amazon Original documentary about James Bond’s music. And how Bono and the Edge had the absolute worst demo tape they made for her to convince her to sing it.

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Brian “Sled Driver” Shul

Might know him from the Speed Check anecdote that goes around every so often.

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She’ll be remembered for “The Girl From Ipanema” but she was so much more. Do yourself and your ears a favor and take a listen to “The Best of Astrud Gilberto.” Your ears and your soul will thank you. It’s what I’ll be streaming all day, sadly.


Break St. Peter’s back, make him humble.

(Since Twitter is made of toothpicks and gum these days, Iron Sheik has passed. )


We will remember him as he lived - demolishing that Jabroni Hulk Hogan


I hope he was at least right about the existence of hell, because that would mean his eternal suffering has already begun.


As if anyone needs to spend any more time thinking about this guy, but there is a whole Wikipedia page on his “issues” and just skimming the section headings is pretty wild!

It’s in the style of an editorial cartoon, but takes advantage of the timing of the news:

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RIP Ian McGinty who worked on really cool stuff and was by all accounts a top tier human.

His final Tweet. He just wanted to make comics with everyone. T_T

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I feel like the media created a mystique around him because of his unusual story. Many who have told, and retold, his story have benefitted financially thanks to his existence. But never forget the facts. Whatever his reasoning, motivation, or history this dude was literally a mad bomber, like the bad guy in the Atari game Kaboom! His bombs severely injured and killed people.



I didn’t realize he was still alive.

Imagine being a mathematician in that field and you find this old paper to cite, let me just see who to credit… oh.

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RIP Cormac McCarthy

Also Treat Williams. Damn, weird couple of days.

I feel like I hear his name pretty often, given I’ve only seen the movie version of No Country out of all his CorMcContent.

The Road isn’t that long even, maybe I’ll bump that to the top of the queue…

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As with anything McCarthy, oof, that one’s heavy. Like even for McCarthy, that one stuck with me far longer than it should’ve. Idk if it’s because I read it while depressed generally or if I had a depressive period because I read it haha.

Regardless, he’s one of those rare authors that, at least for me, I recommend any of their works. They’re all of equal talent, depending on your interests. The Road is his only sci fi novel, so if that’s your main interest you’ll probably have a good time of a bad time haha

I have to share this, back in 89-90 I went to a comic convention in Huntsville, Alabama. There was a table that had both John Romita Sr. and Jr. The funny part was their name tags. One said “John Romita’s Dad” while the other said “John Romita’s Son”.


Most artists have a signature distinctive style. People like Mike Allred, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Alex Ross do things their own way, and you can spot them from a mile away.

But with Marvel comics there’s sort of this official default art style. You look at it and say, that’s a normal Spider-Man. That’s a normal looking Captain America. That’s just what those characters are supposed to look like. That’s not any special style. Well, when you see art like that it wasn’t generated by AI. Someone drew it, and it’s not unlikely that person was John Romita Sr.

Let’s see you draw a character the “default” way. Pick any Marvel character you want. OK, now make a whole comic book like that. Not so easy, eh? That’s the talent he had. His art was so good that it wasn’t viewed as someone doing the characters in their own style. He didn’t stick to the default, he practically defined it. When someone didn’t draw like him, they were the ones who were being different. For a lot of cases he was the one laying down the original track and everyone else was just on the remix.



The Road is heavy, and there’s definitely a window in your life to read it, and that’s before you have children (if you ever do).

I really enjoyed Blood Meridian, it’s got a few passages that seriously just stick with you.

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