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I mean, you developed for the web. I think by definition that makes you “One who develops for the web” or web developer for short. I mean, maybe not a professional web developer, aka someone who gets paid to develop for the web, but definitely a web developer.


Au contraire!


I’m working on a very basic proof-of-concept of an RPG combat game I’ve been thinking about for a few years. It seems like RPG Maker isn’t really well suited to what I want to do (the combat itself would be fine but character customization is like half the game and that’s a lot harder to do) so I’m writing an engine from scratch in Python. I know enough about programming to write it, but I don’t don’t know a lot about development and this is probably my biggest project ever in terms of lines of code so I’m expecting some functional hot garbage.

Beyond the code, designing the combat itself is going to be difficult. Everything needs to be deterministic and relatively predictable, which pretty much eliminates dodge chance, critical hits, and a lot of other things that make these systems interesting. At least once I finish the engine I can run playtests.


For quite a long time (years?) I’ve been working on a board game on and off that is based on GOPS. I promised I would have something crappy, but playable, for PAX. It was too hard.

Instead I came up with some other idea and put together a playable game in a few hours. We did in fact play it at PAX. Also, it has more than zero potential.


Inspiration is funny like that. Go with the flow. Whatever your brain does is right.


No lie: we can turn this into a plausible game. PLAUSIBLE!


My first original song in three years.


So in my quest to be the best damn board game guy to hire at conventions I am re-purposing a device given as a gift (HD Kindle Fire 6) to make it a video station to learn how to play board games.

So far the process has been…interesting. If I didn’t get this device for $0 I would have gotten a different tablet but the advantage with this is that not only can I drop in an SD card for more storage (a LOT more by my estimation) but I also have access to apps in both the Amazon Marketplace and the Google play. Sorry @Apreche , stock Fire doesn’t do jack for this purpose and I need to bend it to my whims.

Thankfully this device does NOT need to be rooted to do this, awesome less prone to bad things happen. I found a video player called MX Player that will not only allow people to more easily view and navigate the video but also supports subtitles.

Now to the personal hell:

Most youtube videos do not have them outside of the auto generated nonsense. The biggest one in question is the watch it played channel. Which is considered the gold standard for learning how to play board games. The problem? Only dutch captions. How the hell did that happen? At least if the video is an older one there is a way.

So an item I found out is that I can cheat by downloading the auto translated comments on videos to give me a framework to start on and then edit the results to make sure a human can understand it. The problem is well the formatting is like this:

A format only a computer would love.

Now the kicker in all of this is that in order to get maximum help on this the channel still needs to enable subtitle editing, which unfortunately most people (including this one here) doesn’t have enabled. If they do have it enable I can’t cheat and use the YouTube editor to very easily edit this. Which leads me to…

At least I now have a list of programs I can do it locally and then via VLC can test to make sure it is working. From there all I need to do is transfer the video and title (with the same name) to the biggest SD card that can work with the fire and I am in business.

So why I am telling you all this? Its because if anyone in insane enough to do this point them my way so that I can collaborate with them. If nothing else my fallback will be to pick games I have in my collection, find the best video tutorial I can on them, make the subtitles and use them locally for upcoming conventions/events.

Otherwise I am converting this into a damn panel.


I’m not gonna get too deep into the editing, but if you want a script to remove the formatting and give you a more readable file to edit, then add the formatting back in when you’re done, send me a sample text file and I’ll see what I can do.


@Ikatono Knock yourself out any little bit helps.

Just a txt file saved on GDrive for ease of sharing. You can also use to pull your own file from any other video.


Just a heads up, when you open that in Notepad++ it already has line breaks. I might still throw something together to make it a little easier to work with but all-in-all it doesn’t look too bad like this.


I did a thing!

It looks like this!


I’ve been trying for a while to think of how you might design a game mechanic around numbers stations. Haven’t come up with anything, but they’re super interesting.


I have a couple ideas, but neither of them are particularly clever. If you abstract “information” to “cards”, then the station could just be a player’s deck and their draw represents whatever they’re being sent. If you have teams, one player could have an opportunity to pass a card face down to a teammate at regular intervals, but also include a blank card to send nothing (since it’s impossible to tell when a station is and isn’t sending data). Alternatively you could place the card in a small envelope where you can’t tell if there’s anything in it.

A team-based game with one player as HQ and one or more agents could be cool, where HQ’s main role is choosing if/when to pass certain cards to the agents. Maybe HQ has access to more game-state info than the agents, but can’t tell them anything other than sending cards.


Update on this board game kiosk, taking inventory.


One down, here it is.

CC by me. Once this was done I found this.

I am not going to redo the last video, but now I know how to “not suck” in the future,


Shit talk idea: start a podcast called Sthginkeeg. It’s every episode published by our dear hosts, reversed. There’s 1000+ free episodes right off the bat.

It’s pronounced how Elmer Fudd would say “stinky”.


Pretty sure I could do that in python.


I made a quick matlab script (python and mp3 is a pain) so once I figure out how to get every episode I’ll run it overnight.


And now I have to problem of 4.3 GB of episodes (78 files so far) and no way to distribute them.