Non-Shit-Talk of Your Day


Was that Super Mario RPG backwards?

Use Python to post them to Tumblr.


I made a program to schedule sending Gmails later.


The capture card is in the PC and confirmed that is was able to output the console to PC, this weekend will add it to OBS and test it with the anime game of the moment.



Note that the camcorder I gave you has a tiny HDMI out port.


That was part of the reason I got the card, plans are slowly coming together…


Google the model number and there is a really detailed PDF you can find that is the full user manual. It’s a moderately advanced camcorder.

But in a pinch, just set it to that 1080p60 mode with the button on the side. That’s the max bitrate highest quality mode.


From October 2016 to October 2017 I put out loads of vlogs on YouTube, on top of loads of other juggling videos. In October last year I stopped the twice weekly (on average) vlogging schedule and only made videos when I went to juggling events, and for other stuff.

2018 has been “Year of Chill” in terms of my own creative output. Not to say I haven’t done loads and loads of stuff, but just told myself not to feel bad about taking as much time off to relax as I’d like.

But from November on I’m going to be getting back into more regular video making, and to spur me on my way, I’ve


This is going to be a really good way to reward my enthusiasm for making videos, instead of just throwing things out there and hoping people like it. Well, I KNOW people like my stuff, but this way I can get more than just warm fuzzy feels in return.

Also, a return of the Juggling Podcast as a Patreon exclusive. I’m looking forward to that! I’ve got so much to talk about long-form, in terms of juggling topics, which wouldn’t make a good video or essay, or video essay, but is perfect for discussion and chat.


Oh shit! It has begun!


We actually had to abort this year. Erika suffered a pretty bad concussion and other medical problems that put her out of commission.