Non-Shit-Talk of Your Day

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I just finished watching Terminator 2 for the 31st time. As I think Derek will agree, FUCK. THAT. MOVIE.

HOLY SHIT. What a fucking slog. Jesus H. Christ. Terminator 2 is, thus far, the WORST Terminator movie. I could hardly write ANYTHING about it.

That being said, can’t wait 'til next December to do “31 Days of Terminator 3”.

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I know they say that opinions can’t be wrong, but your opinion is wrong.


I managed to pull off the panel signs! Meaning there will be a thing in front of the panel rooms that will show you what time events are. Just like Connecticon.

It lacked any of the suspense or shock of the first one and was just WAY. TOO. FUCKING. LONG.
The best part was the T-1000. He was hilarious and awesome, but it really felt like the movie didn’t know if it wanted to be a horror movie or an action movie and didn’t do enough of either to be either. The first movie knew it was a horror movie and it WORKED IT.

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I want to agree, but I watched that movie, like, twice six years ago. I’ll trust the guy who just watched it 31 times to have a more informed opinion.

Did 31 days of Terminator always happen in this thread?


Finally getting round to making 400 flash cards that I have been putting off for a month.

Junkman Radio is back.

My not-shittalk of yesterday was making GM screens and roundel mats for PATROL. They went from “I need to have these” to production in about 8 hours.

It sucks a lot, but in many ways I love the future.

Actual shit-talk, because I’m not going to make it: QWOP, the text adventure.

New single from Greg von Teig.

Oh hey, I have a thing.

I’ve been working on and talking about getting back to the gym for a while now.

A little over a week ago, Nuri and I signed up with a wicked convenient local gym, and we’re going regularly now.

New plan, new approach, different goals than I had in my 20’s. Results will take a while, but I’m already feeling more energetic than I have in a while.


Woot woot!

I’m totally stoked about this. It’s probably nowhere near as good as an actual web developer could do, but I think it looks good enough and goddamnit it works!

I gotta say, I’m impressed. money where your mouth is bravo.

Thanks! I learned a lot about CSS in the process too, so win++!

I need something like this with my movie/TV show queue.

After my show tonight, I’ll make it adaptable and release it as a package.

[quote=“VictorFrost, post:14, topic:156”]
an actual web developer
[/quote]What do you think you are now?

[quote=“Starfox, post:19, topic:156”]

What do you think you are now?[/quote]
…not a web developer?