Nintendo Switch

They’ve actually been doing that for a few years already with Humble Bundle. They don’t manage the eshop obvi, but they do have them operating their own digital storefront.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a Switch carrying case? Since I bought mine a year or so ago, it has literally never been used outside of the docking station, but I’m going on a short trip and would like to bring my Switch with me.

Any recommendations or info would be greatly appreciated!

I have the default one from when the Switch was released. It’s fine.

Really I think it’s hard to go wrong. You really just need a protective shell of some kind so that you can toss the Switch in the luggage without it getting all scratched up by other stuff.

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Are you bringing game cards, additional accessories? I have the perfectly functional Nook pattern case from Nintendo my sister got me as a gift and its been pretty solid as a case to throw in another bag when going on vacations. My use case is all digital games on the microsd and no other accessories though (I just use my anker high speed charger for my phone for the switch).

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I have the black version of this case and it’s perfect.

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This is why I have modded my WiiU/ and my 3DS and I am not selling any of my old GBA games.

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I’ve got the leather zelda one(because the store was sold out of the regular basic ones, and it was still only 25 bucks or so), and it’s held up well so far.

I got a Switch DS from winning a workplace raffle, and was wondering if there are any sub $30 games worth looking at?

Switch or a DS? Those are two different things.


Nice April Fool’s joke.

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