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That doesn’t actually seem to be the case, though. The monsters in this demo seemed just like bosses in any other game. They signal the attack they are about to do. They are weak at certain times and certain spots. They do certain attacks that you dodge in certain ways. It’s just normal video game shit.


Do you remember that post where I said “Don’t do that, play this much better version of the game that’s right here”?

Generations XX is the culmination of the pre-Worlds way that MonHun games played. The new one improves a ton on it, from getting rid of the PS2/PSP era textures to the controls to the gobsmackingly awful skill system. Go watch someone play World on Twitch and you’ll see.

What monsters does the demo let you fight? It could just be that they’re the earlier, simpler, stupider monsters.


This may be true, but the game was still ridiculously popular before the most current generation, was it not? You were still playing all those previous games like this one?



“There’s no accounting for taste”. It’s like… you know how Initial D isn’t great on an objective scale, but on the Initial D scale it’s amazing? Same kinda thing.

( At least we haven’t had to do “The Claw” for years. )


That was the number one problem above all others. I moved with the left stick. Move the camera with the right stick. But the attack buttons weren’t on the shoulder, they were on the face. I couldn’t use both sticks and attack simultaneously. I would love to see the hands of the developers while they play this game.


I use the heel of my hand (or lock-on).


Great Maccao, Barioth, and Valstrax, apparently, but with the difficulty and ai scaled down to accommodate the garbo gear you’re given for the demo, and presumably, the fact that a lot of people are only just trying out the game.

Can’t speak for anyone else, but I didn’t. I tried hard, because the sounded like great fun, but I bounced off them in a pretty big way. But, as I said above, not the case for MHW.


Welp. Sadly I can’t try MHW without a free demo.


Yeah, they sadly took the Open-beta-as-a-limited-time-demo route, and outside of getting it from a Redbox or something, I’m not sure how you could give it a crack. Whaleshark might have a copy so that you can give it a whirl, but fucked if I know how often you get to see him. Other than that, pretty much just youtube/twitch will be your only real shot to see how it plays, but that will rarely give you an accurate portrayal of how a game plays and feels.


I can’t speak for other games in the series but I can say that Monster Hunter for the Playstation 2.

I loved that game. It was the only reason I had internet connectivity on my PS2. Since then though, they’ve only had ones on like mobile platforms or with motion controls. I’ve been wanting a pure PC or proper console release for ages.

That first one was amazing. Soulsbourne style combat like 10 years before any souls games came out. I just loved it. Then the servers went down and I stopped getting to play with my pack. Haven’t played since.


Not worth a dime.


The older Monster Hunter games have an unforgiving learning curve and are definitely not friendly to people unfamiliar with the series. They’re fairly opaque.

The early monsters have predictable attack patterns so you can learn how the game works. Sorta. In-game learning is actually super terrible, and the game tells you almost nothing.

At some point, usually after a few missions, you will fight your first real monster, and that’s when the game starts.

In general, it’s what Rym described - the monsters are complex and can react organically. They have attack patterns, yes, and it’s very much a “learn the boss and look for openings” action game. Souls-like, really. As you progress in difficulty levels, old monsters get new formats (FUCK YOU FOREVER GOLD RATHIAN), and the AI also gets more complicated. Attack patterns change, monsters become faster and less predictable, that kind of thing.

The big attraction for me is the difficulty level - the game absolutely punishes failure - and the nature of progression. Unlike most other games like this, you cannot progress in MonHun without beating the thing directly in your way. You can’t go grind on weak shit to level up and get past the boss wall - at some point, you have the best you can get with what you have, and you have no choice but to git gud.


On an aside from game-play, I’m a huge fan of the imaginative weapon designs. Both of the switch weapons are my favorite.


I’m pretty much a gunlance and hammer guy myself, though i’m tempted to try Bowgun in World.


Insect Glaive is how I tend to get it done right now, with a sideline in Bow, Hunting Horn, and dual blades. Heavy Bowgun is fun, but I haven’t really managed to get much done with it. But I plan to get at least decent in pretty much all of the weapons. (And also I don’t play on the switch so I don’t know why I’m telling you that here.)


I feel like I should enjoy Gunlance, because it’s a Lance that also explodes, but I just can’t get into it.

It’s all about the Hammer and Swagaxe.


Ranged I love but I feel like their utility shines more in a group context than alone, so I rarely get to take them out. I’ve always had trouble aiming gunlances, so they’ve probably my least favorite weapons.

All this might be inaccurate to World though, so I’m excited to try all of the weapons once I have the money to get it.


All this stuff you are talking about didn’t even come into play because the fundamentals were simply intolerable. When taking into consideration how bad it is compared to the budget and popularity of the title, this is among the worst I have ever seen.

I tried multiple different characters. They all moved like their feet were stuck in goop. Slow as hell. Meanwhile all the enemies and two weird companion things were zipping around at full speed.

Whenever I pressed an attack button a very slow, and seemingly un-cancelable, attack animation would begin. No button pressed during the attack animation did anything whatsoever. I tried serveral different attacks. While some were faster than others, even the fastest was slower than if my weak ass were to perform the same attack IRL.

I was fighting the monster and they happened to be at the edge of the “room”. My attack caused me to move forwarded and I was transported to the adjacent “room”. Even though after making this attack the monster was still in front of me.

I don’t care if the AI controlling the monsters is smarter than fucking Skynet. Shit is unplayable.


If you wanna try that type of game (And it’s fine if you don’t, you may just be the Daryl Surat to this game’s Initial D), try one of the ripoffs like FF Expolorers or… I think Gods Eaters was on the PC…


Monster Hunter is not a game of mash buttons and do stylish action combos, it’s mostly about being slow and methodical. And when one reaches the level where their third eye opens and powers or precognition awaken and they can just see where monster’s head will be in a moment and prepare heavy hitting attack there, it feels so good.

There are things in Monster Hunter that could be streamlined and made better and World did some of those things, although not all. But making the attacks faster and allowing you to freely cancel out of attacks and generally speeding things up like that would make the game not Monster Hunter anymore.