Nintendo Switch


HUGE Mario Tennis patch today.

Gonna go at it again.




Yay! maybe they will stop playing that instead of Magical Drop on the neo Geo arcade machines at MAGFEST :-p


You know Magical Drop is on the switch, too, right?


Of course. I got it the day it became available.


I bought Magical Drop 3 and Money Puzzle Exchanger, and I think I like MPE better. New Picross also :ok_hand:. More of the same but still good. The puzzle piece feature they added is kinda neat.


I got a switch today. Couple of things

  1. The hacking scene for this thing is amazing. It can boot linux reasonably well.
  2. Holy crap Mario Odyssey is really good.
  3. Why did Nintendo ruin the d-pad? (I know why, the d-pad needed to be buttons for horizontal use, still sad though)
  4. My friend code is SW-7196-5312-0527


Is it possible to run Android on the Switch?


I haven’t tried, nor do I think anyone else has, but it’s basically the same chip as the Shield TV so probably although I imagine getting the joycons to work would be a nightmare.


Can’t imagine it would be too much of a nightmare - after all, people got Joycons working as a combined controller with PC pretty much immediately.


True, the bluetooth support on linux for the switch is a little buggy right now though. Currently the joycons only work wired (connected to the console).


Monhun demo is out! Will try it after my interview. :smiley:


Yep, I saw that. I’m gonna try it.


If you’re gonna play any Monhun, play World, it’s worlds better, pun not intended. Generations still uses a lot of the old systems for things, which causes some quality of life issues.


Is there a free demo?


I… don’t think so?


I played that Monster Hunter demo on the Switch last night. If that is representative of what all the Monster Hunter games are like, then I have no idea why that shit is popular. Awful controls. Buggy and finnicky. Not even the graphics were polished. I can’t even say it’s just another average walk around and hit things game. It’s a bad walk around and hit exactly one thing game. Deleted.


The big thing (that I see) in the Monster Hunter games is that the monsters react in naturalistic, consistent, and surprisingly complex ways to you and the environment around them.

That is a big draw. Imagine if the Hynox in BotW was ~3x more complex in terms of its overall behavior.


I think it’s why world has hooked me so bad. It’s what Rym described, but they’ve clearly spent a whole hell of a lot of time and effort polishing, tweaking, and fixing all that finnicky shit, the bad controls, the bad cameras, all the shit that made the old Monhun games a real pain in the ass to play.