Netflix Animated Shows


Time to watch that biz yet again.







Netflix. There’s this dude Leiji Matsumoto. Please call him on the phone while he’s still alive.

Your customer,


A fully stop-motion anime. Color me intrigued, Netflix.


So, it turns out that Netflix will be redubbing Evangelion.



Revenge of the Toblerone



Move over Neo Yokio, we got another Xmas Animated Special.



I’m actually curios for people’s impression of this show. I thought the art style looked really cool, but after seeing a little snippet of the show, I’m now in the ‘ehhhhh’ camp. Anyone have a strong leaning on this one or know some inside baseball one way or another?



Holy shit!


Been sick the last couple of days and powered through season 8 of Voltron on Netflix. I loved Voltron as a kid and was thrilled that Netflix was redoing it, especially how it just showed up suddenly. After watching the first season I said this show was a love letter to the original, it was how you remember it in your head even though the story and animation of the original left so much to be desired. After completing the, I presume, last season I stand by my original assessment 110%. The last season had some “interesting” story elements but the heart & soul and animation delivered in spades! The last few episodes were so emotionally powerful to me. It is great. Will watch again.

Also, it has been fun to discuss the show with my nieces and nephews who love the show too. I bought all of the lions for my 11 year old niece for her birthday, because I’m the cool uncle :wink:


Was waiting for the Erin Esurance cameo


You should check out the original Go Lion. It’s on Crunchyroll.


Tangentially related, but still interesting.