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Started watching the new animated series Hilda over the weekend. It’s based on a graphic novel series by Luke Pearson who has done storyboarding for the series Adventure Time. The series has been compared to shows like Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall.

I hadn’t really watched those shows just bits of both. So I really can’t say how it’s alike to those shows. But I really like it so far. So Hilda is about a young girl and her friends. Exploring and getting into all sorts of adventures. There is a lot Norse/Scandinavian based/inspired mythology. That the show uses and puts it’s own spin on.

Opener song for the series is done by Grimes. Which I’m a fan of her music. I’m about halfway done with the first season. I hope it does well enough for a 2nd season. There hasn’t been any overarching plot. Just some world building an episodic stories. Which has been a nice break from the anime I typically tend to watch.


I’m digging Dragon Prince!


I liked the general plot and the writing early on. The world is also interesting and I dig the Irish elves. However, I was having a lot of trouble with the animation. The jittery, inconsistent motion was a major turn off, and keeps reminding me of bad 90’s videogame cut scenes. The dialogue and writing starts to fail as it progresses, and the stakes seem less intense as well.


I forget where I read this, but the creators behind Dragon Prince were apparently trying to recreate the animation style of 1980’s cartoons. Based on the feedback they’ve gotten from season one, I wouldn’t be surprised if the animation in season two is more fluid and what we’re used to these days.

Other than that, like I wrote in the TV thread, I loved the show.


I finished watching the first season of Dragon Prince. The animation at first was a little distracting but I got over it by the 2nd episode. And I felt the character interactions and dialogue were solid throughout the season.


Someone got their fetish anime on Netflix:



Did one episode and “noped.”

Currently awaiting Voltron Season 8. Also, that Watership Down Mini Series is slated for Christmas Day, so that’s exciting.


I watched the preview and noped.

EDIT: Also, watch this. I’m…concerned for that Watership Down miniseries.


I guess I’ve build enough tolerance for weird shit that inclusion of some vore doesn’t turn me away from a show with cute dragon in it. Only watched two episodes so far, so can’t really say if it’s good or not, but I’ll keep watching.





She-Ra is really, really good, at least from the 6 episodes I’ve seen so far. I didn’t know going in that Noelle Stevenson (of Lumberjanes, Nimona, etc.) was involved but it really shows. Also I’m feasting on this delicious internet butthurt:


First I’ve heard of this actually. I definitely enjoyed Castlevania.


She-Ra is not Castlevania, haha, so don’t go in expecting that! So far my daughter and I are loving it. She gets REALLY excited when the transformation of She-Ra occurs, I think Magical Girl Anime is in her future.


Huh. I never heard of this series bevore.


New She-Ra is pretty dope. It’s a mix-mash of like Steven Universe, MLP, and Avatar: The Last Airbender but in a way that’s kinda of fitting the origins of the whole He-Man/She-Ra universe of combining tons of popular stuff into one big genre gumbo. Love the character design and lots of neat character interactions between people romantically and platonically. The Adora/Catra rivalry is definitely the push of this story and it’s wonderful.

I only wish the animation was better. It’s under the Dreamworks logo but is done by a South Korean studio called NE4U. Noelle Stevenson’s great artwork carries a lot of heavy lifting but there’s a severe lack of faces and emotional reactions. Other wise, I’d recommend it. It’s not Voltron or SU, but it’s definitely B+/A- material.


Not having seen it yet, I wonder if they’ll ever tie-in the whole He-Man as She-Ra’s fraternal twin brother thing at any point, in a way that’s suitable to modern audiences, of course. As a kid (and admittedly not knowing better about quality programming), I always did like their team-up episodes. If memory serves, they did a pretty good job of showing them as basically equals.