Nazis marching in America


Are you talking about the recent Trump/Putin summit? Because that wasn’t quite editing video footage. There actually was a mistake and a reasonable reason why part of Putin’s answer, saying he wanted Trump elected, was cut out from the transcript.

That being said, the fact that the White House hasn’t gone back to correct the official transcript is the problem.

""What happened? If you watch the videos, it’s pretty clear. At some point in the middle of that question, there’s a switch between the feed from the reporters and the feed from the translator. In the White House version of the video, you can hear the question being asked very faintly under the woman who is translating saying “president.”

If you’re wearing headphones, you can notice how the latter part of the question is suddenly audible in the right earpiece. At first, the right channel is only the translator. Mid-question, the reporter is suddenly heard in both left and right as the translator feed drops out. Notice, too, that Putin then picks up his earpiece — through which he can hear the translations — and puts it in his right ear.

Our transcript and the White House’s were apparently based on the feed that runs only in the right channel. A White House official told CNN’s Abby Phillip that its transcript “did not have Mason’s audio turned up in time,” referring to Reuters reporter Jeff Mason, who asked the question."


PAX has kicked out Staff, attendees and guests over the course of it’s many years.


I think the challenge is when the con leadership is not in a position to perceive a certain behavior as harmful (e.g. privilege). Then these behaviors can go unchecked. It’s the “neutral” version of being sympathetic. This highlights the importance of diversity within leadership roles, since a native perspective on harassment is generally more acute.


A google webcache of the blog? of an antifa guy at HOPE, good read. Useful for anyone who may wanna learn what to do if the HOPE kinda nonsense happens near you.


Is there anything doing them from putting explicit legalese for “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” in their rules?


Honestly they should.


Not sure how you could rewrite it, IANAL, but I like the way @Rym worded it in the new forum rules.


I don’t like it when people say “Nazi punks” because Nazis are not punk. Punks kick the shit out of Nazis.


I mean, if someone shows up to our con in a MAGA hat they’re getting denied entry. I consider that hat itself to be hate speech.

Frankly, anything with a Republican logo on it is hate speech.


Nazi punks actually existed.


It may be a “no true Scotsman” argument, but I’m saying that I don’t consider them to be punks. Just like I don’t consider a member of the jews for jesus cult to be a jew.


This is, in my opinion, where the origination of the term “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” makes sense, because it is saying “If you are coming into the punk movement as a Nazi, get the fuck out, because you are not a punk and you don’t belong in this movement.”


Yes, but semantically it gives the nazis the status of punk, which is annoying.

If there were Nazis at a gaming meetup/convention I wouldn’t say “Nazi gamers fuck off!” I would just say “Nazis fuck off!” Those Nazis aren’t gamers. When you’re a Nazi, you can’t be anything else, because whatever else you are doesn’t matter.


These ribbons were handed out at Anthrocon this year, and they had the intended effect.

Lots of totally-not-Nazis/Nazi-apologists were super duper mad about them and indeed fucked off.


I wonder how much it would cost to rent the digital sign outside of PAX East and have it say “Nazis Fuck Off” on it for the duration.


Maybe take that as an advertisement on those digital billboards?


Looks like DEF CON isn’t going to allow the same bullshit that took place at HOPE. For example, they have a general rule that “If you’re an asshole, you will be thrown out.”


At Otakon:


It really really troubling to know it’s families there. You see the videos of angry white men, it’s what you expect, but families aren’t. Not surprising really but it’s still a bit jarring to hear that.


Girlfriend went to Otakon this year. Texted her earlier today to ask how she was. So far, unharmed. I continue to worry.