Nazis marching in America



So apparently only about 20 Nazis showed up vs. at least hundreds of counter-protestors.


Hmmmm, hearing conflicting info. I’ll have to ask the lady what she saw.

If the only 20 nazis version is true then that’s great news. Pushin’ 'em back underground.


Sadly, it sounds like the number of nazis that went back home when the event was over was 20 more than it should have been.


So, partly because I find the concept interesting and partly because I’ve got a deadline and nothing makes me procrastinate more than being told what to do and when to be done by:

I said and then deleted something earlier. Something I though better of than to leave on this site, archived by google and on the internet, written by my hand.

The observation is that it’s easy for you to call for the death of nazis in the abstract but in the specific is much harder. Saying 20 nazis should be made to not be nazis anymore by hook or by crook is one thing. Talking specifics about say, weapons, and methods of execution, methods for evading law enforcement after the fact or whether or not you should submit yourself to law enforcement. That’s much more distasteful conversation.

Making it specific, makes it different somehow.


It’s also possible, sometimes, to reform the Nazis into no longer being Nazis. I wish I could find the article about a black man who apparently works with racists and eventually manages to reform them into seeing the error of their ways. Again, this may not work for every Nazi, but part of me does prefer the idea of at least giving them a chance to learn the error of their ways as opposed to summarily executing them.

I’m also wondering if driving them back underground is necessarily the best thing. At least while they’re out in the open, we know that they are there and we can do what’s necessarily to fight their hate. If they’re underground, it may be much harder to stop their scheming and such. The current political climate has emboldened them, sure, but now we also know if a candidate is a Nazi or Nazi sympathizer vs. someone who’s putting a facade up of being a decent human being but is a secretly a Nazi.


It’s best to push them underground. The 80/20 rule states there will always be despicable people/nazis.

If I could snap my fingers right now and all nazis currently alive were to disappear ala the deathnote. There’d be new ones tomorrow. Since they’re a fact of life underground is the only place they 'ought to be. Above ground they have more power than in hiding. Yeah there is fringe benefits like being able to see them but that’s akin to saying you are glad the oven’s broken because you can use the sparks it lets out to start your kindling.


You raise some good points about pushing them underground, and I can’t really disagree with you there. I hadn’t considered that allowing them to operate in the open helps them more than being “sneaky,” but you are probably right that it does.


My girlfriend went to visit family in DC the weekend the rally was happening. While taking a walk with her godson (who is a tiny kid), she reports that she encountered a lot of counter-protesters and a single Nazi:

CONS: He spat at her and called her a “Jew Bitch”

PROS: Her godson chased him down the block yelling that he was a “stupid bad potato” and that his “Eema is gonna ground him for saying bad words”


This guy being booted is infamous in the furry community for being the figurehead of the “Furry Raiders,” a bunch of Nazis that swear they’re totally not Nazis but get mad when Nazis are told to fuck off.

And yes, his name is supposed to be “Fox” + “Hitler.”




Yeah, I saw that too. A hearty lmao.


Good lord that’s some sovcit-adjacent word salad. He’s even got their ridiculous captitalization down.


Sure, we’ll pay him, but with money that’s only legal tender on his property.


Pay him in Confederate dollars :wink:


No, no, Ponzicoin.


Is that guy for real?

Really real?

Let me laugh even harder.


He is 100% for true.

He paid to join a Neo-Nazi group and they rejected him because he’s gay and mixed race.


A week ago they finally pulled down Silent Sam, the confederate statue in the neighboring town. Last night someone defaced my local book store.