Nazis marching in America


If I’m not mistaken, they also did a bunch of pro-LGBT activism to take the piss out of the Westboro Baptist Church.


I misremembered,it wasn’t a state government meeting, but a local city council meeting in Florida:



Most Satanists are just humanists using the trappings of Satan to create a counterpoint to modern religions and their myriad issues.

Actual spiritual Satanists exist, and they’re fucked up.

They write some killer fuckin’ riffs, though.


For the most part Satanists are just secular humanists with a flair for the dramatic. I knew a legit Satanist at my old job and he was a really cool guy.


There’s shades of spiritual Satanism too tho, the guy I mentioned believed in Satan as a spiritual concept in the sense that Satan is a Pagan God coopted for a devil figure by Christianity because they were the fun police. Satan at least as he thought of it was a humanistic God who would help you out with magic and stuff but you weren’t supposed to kill people or do blood sacrifices or crap like that.


I’m more comfortable around true theological satanists (i.e., literally believe in a biblical satan) than I am around true christians (i.e., literally believe in biblical christ).


Satan’s pretty cool.


Satan is your pal.



Varg Vikernes isn’t your pal, tho.


I’m a few shades too dark for him, I’m afraid.



Sadly not real, That guy is an actor, his bit was basically inserting himself into other videos (primarily news stories) with that same character. I think he’s co-hosting a podcast on Nerdist with Jessica Chobot now.


I know. He’s my go-to when Satan comes up. idunno


In the end, Letson said, “it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t see my humanity, what matters to me is that I see his.”


This has apparently been niggling around in the back of my head for a while and I think I’ve finally figured out what I believe.

It is ok to punch nazis, in uniform or not, being hateful at the moment or not just so long as they are nazis.

Analysis about whether or not this is a criminal act and should be punishable by law need be done post hoc, and shouldn’t sway anyone wanting to punch nazis.

This is specific to nazis and the standard for what that is I will leave to people smarter than I. I know the reasonable person standard exists and maybe could be useful here but I know not what I’m talking about.

I’d like to note that I believe this applies only to nazis. Call it the one exception I’ve carved out. I’m not going to say the same for the kkk or the alt right, or a white nationalist group or a confederate sympathizer. All of those need be scorned hated and made to fear going into public as what they are (unless it’s a protest then punch away).

Those people however I will allow to give an interview without anything more than my drowning them out with a megaphone.

Maybe a half measure but I think nazi is one thing everyone can agree on. And if you don’t agree on it, fuck you. But I won’t punch you, unless you’re a nazi.

This is what I think. I’m not looking to be convinced but I spent the whole heated discussion trying to figure out what I thought. I think I got it.


I’d also like to add that if you’re going to punch a Nazi, make sure the person you’re punching is actually a Nazi. As noted, Nazis tend to hang with other right-wing groups that are pretty scummy, but they range from Ayn Randian-types through Confederate sympathizers, the KKK, etc. There may also be journalists mixed in with them covering whatever they’re up to. Punching a Nazi is one thing, but punching a non-Nazi right-winger or journalist plays into their propaganda games to make the left look like the bad guys.

Also, and this is just me, so don’t take this as a way you should behave if you feel differently, but when it comes to punching anyone, Nazis or otherwise, I’m not going to preemptively punch them. I’ll get up in their faces, use a megaphone to drown them out, etc. However, once they start getting violent, I’m totally going to fight back, whether to defend myself or someone else on my side, and fight with minimal, if any, restraint.

“Never start a fight, but always finish it.”


Not to bring this back but everyone agree’s it’s ok to punch in self defense or in a violent environment. That wasn’t what the debate was about.