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There is no old thread for this apparently.

Of all Jeff Lemire’s works, I never thought that Underwater Welder would be the one to get movie treatment. Not only that, but the names attached to the project…


Zack Snyder has stepped down from Justice League following a family tragedy. (My condolences.)

Who’s taking over for Snyder? Joss Whedon.


Fox’s upcoming X-Men film New Mutants will be a horror movie.


Strange, way to go about it, and here I was hoping they would do the Demon Bear Saga :-p Still Fox has been doing better with it’s properties when it tries to do different things with them. So I’m cautiously hopeful.


Terry Gilliam’s long-shelved movie is finally coming out soon. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote has finished shooting.

Read up on the movie’s development hell.


Fuck yeah! Me want!


I didn’t realize the 4:3 release was open matte. That’s making me want to see if that version is worth a watch.




Michael Bay and his cronies are no longer involved in the Transformers movies.





Good. This ECU shit has got to stop. Only Marvel can do it right.


A live-action Akira film has been in talks for years, and some interesting news came to light via its director (who has also recently done Thor: Ragnarok). He wants to avoid the “whitewashing” problem and cast Japanese actors, and he wants to stick closer to the manga.



Michael Bay is about to make the greatest film in his career.


Justice League is getting absolutely murdered by the reviewers. Not really surprising considering by all accounts they made a bad movie and then proceeded to cut it to the bones to boot and requiring tons of reshoots. Supposedly the CGI is also kind of crap.


Also, Rotten Tomatoes deliberately withheld the Tomatometer rating of the movie before release. It was quickly revealed later to be at 48%.

Considering Warner Bros. is a co-owner of RT, that brings up some serious questions regarding conflicts of interest.