Mouth Moods and Dreams

It’s technically amazing, and as listenable as Mouth Silence. I’m still processing it.


Well there goes getting to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight.

There goes my playlist for tomorrow.

An invisible man.

Sleepin’ in your bed.

Fairly hit and miss for me.
AC/VC, Annoyed Grunt, Bustin, Smooth and Wow Wow were fun and I’ll add them to my regular portion of my library.

Track 14 T.I.M.E. is just ruining 2 great songs that keeps reminding the listener they are listening to a piece of music that pales in comparison to the originals.
In comparison AC/VC emphasises both of the component songs to make a fun song.

Very coherent as a full album though (as long as I pretend 14 doesn’t exist, lol).

Awww fuck yeah.

I thought Mouth Moods was going to be a funny name for food cravings and I’m honestly really disappointed right now.


This has tured my brain to scrambled eggs for breakfast.

What’s the best song to introduce someone to Neil? Something off Sounds? Bustin’ is pretty good though too…

Welp, I just started listening and I don’t think I’m going to make it to the end.

When the popcorn and the bodies hit the floor, I also hit the floor. RIP: Scott 1982-2017


Honestly I don’t think it matters, pick one you like. He’s so weird and different that someone will either love him or hate him immediately.

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This seems interestingly put together, but nothing about this do I find enjoyable.

I got about 30 seconds into it. Then skipped forward a few times. I also found nothing enjoyable about it.

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I appreciated popcorn and tiger the most I think.


I listened to the whole thing. I don’t think I enjoyed all of it, but it consistently surprised me with the technical execution and unexpected combinations.

About halfway through. Popcorn is great. AC/DC is too much of a novelty. Doobie Brothers x Linkin Park also can’t hold its own with the rest of the album on the first listen…

Home Improvement/Disturbed/Mungo Jerry/MIA/Simpsons/Mario Paint/Third Eye Blind/Rammstein is on the level with Wndrwll, ie. brilliant.

Tigers has more Mario Paint so that’s good.

Neil’s mashup works have a definite split between “technically interesting” and “enjoyable at face value.” Some have both, but they are definitely the minority.

Take Aaron.

It’s a great song even if you don’t watch the crazy video and have no idea who Aaron Carter was. Put it on at a dance party and it fits in just fine.

Now take Wndrwll

It’s certainly… interesting. You see him take a song and a modification of that song, and then attempt every variation. A pure “Variations on a Theme” of a technical meme.

It’s interesting, but few people would say that they enjoy it outside of that technical appreciation.

I do, but I’m weird.

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Wndrwll’s so good, but you know we both agree vis a vis Hell Orbs etc.

Also enjoying both movements of this One Week song suite. O Canada.

My 5AM commute was infinitely more interesting today.


It scratches the same itch that fugues do. Fugue is one of my favorite types of music, and always has been.

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