Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)

It’s not out yet, but I’m hype.

I don’t have a walkman anymore, but I guess my Spotify will be burn.

This is what it’s gonna sound like:

Cute Girls Doing Cute Things dropped a new album last month and it’s one of go-tos for listening while working.

I just randomly remembered this song at work today. This was one of the tracks that got me into electronic industrial via EDM back when Pandora was new and I listened to it all the time at the student job at college. Been listening to it repeatedly since remembering it.

Neuroticfish - The Bomb

Found this on a radio show and was laughing my ass off.

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Knower is so Legit, and Louis Cole is one of my favorite drummers, he can get more beats out of a can than a lot of other people get out of prog monster drumkits. They also been part of the Snarky Puppy collective.

And my favorite performance from Cole as a drummer:

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The new Clipping. album is amazing, haunting, straight up freaky and disturbing at times.

This new music video is also:

In consideration of the weather today I’m enjoying the sonic treats of a Tropical Fuck Storm:

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Went to see Yung Bae again in Brooklyn last week. During his set he played a remix of Le Freak by Chic. It sounded just like the normal song only the bass was turned ALL THE WAY UP.

Thanks to Internet, I have found it. Way to go Oliver Heiden.

As expected, if you listen to it on its own it is really stupid and tacky. Just like BOOM BOOM BOOM. You’ll just have to trust me that if you’re in the actual club, it’s pretty great.

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Maybe the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. First heard the Charley Patton version but John Hurt is considerably better.

so good :slight_smile:

Aurora is awesome, speaking of awesome:

DJ Jaimetud covers a Voltaire classic with a rock-style flair.

GiTS:SAC OST is on Spotify as of last month.


This is my jam right now: