Miscellaneous Music Thread (Include a Description with your Embedded YouTube)

I’ve been listening to a lot of chillwave in the background while I work lately.


Here, have some Hip Hopera.

Also, this.

Chillwave is where its at for any sort of background music for me and my wife.

Technically this one is synthwave but its pretty atmospheric and its been a fave of mine at work right now.

I like all of the .*WAVE music lately.

I mean, as I’ve said before, I specifically and legitimately, without irony of any sort, enjoy SIMPSONWAVE as a musical/audiovisual genre.


Retrowave is my favourite

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Future Funk is my favorite.

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Speaking of Future Funk, kotu just dropped a new album, although the best tracks had already been released as singles.


I like the cut of your WILDCARD use.

Really should’ve been

^.*W *A *V *E$

Wow, surprise Key and Peele from 2006!

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OK so this album came out and I heard about it and love it, and now the videos are kinda blowing my mind. (But guess I’m late to the party)

First take it’s as if Olly Thorne and Natalie Wynn were tapped by David Byrne to co-direct an Aggretsuko x The Aviator crossover music video after an all-night K-pop binge, they might be halfway to making this.

Another way of saying, Dorian did make this, and is all those things and more:

Pop music has slowly been sucking me back in. Not all the way, but more of this might do the trick.

Watched Tenebre last night so this is stuck in my head forever. Also I want Simonetti’s sweater in this video.

Another music video I could watch on repeat:

Edit: Read an interview with her and I think this explains a lot:

I grew up listening to so much music from jazz to metal to 80s J-pop — and I was lucky, causeʼ my dad collects CDs, had this sick gramophone, he would always bring me crate digging. I would get lost in those boxes for hours. My taste of music in high school was heavily rotated around bands like The Teenagers, Franz Ferdinand, Arcade Fire, Portishead, and Massive Attack. I guess these were the most significant to me ‘cause they inspired the sound of my first band, and that was when I started writing music. I remember we were called Riot Diet, and it was funny, ‘cause I sang in a jazz band at the time as well. Afternoons I would be going hard at Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Chet Baker — then in the evenings weʼd be covering Bauhaus and a lot of The Pixies. I can appreciate different aspects of every genre I get exposed to. I think a little bit of shoegaze and boom bap mixed with Nobuo Uematsu witch house is how I would describe my vibe.

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