I was originally going to name this Gum Vs. Mints, but it’s an objective fact that hard mints are better than gum --Stronger flavor and less TMJ damage.

I’m a fan of strong mints, although they seem to be harder to find the older I get, only Starbucks’ coffee mints do it for me nowadays.

So, I’m ethnically Italian and about half my family still lives on the island my mom was born on. Over the years I’ve developed a taste for what I can only describe as intense mint covered licorice, or mint infused licorice.

There’s this brand I’m always sure to grab a bag of before I come home called golia bianca. Golia makes this mint infused licorice and in the bianca variety they’ve encased one of their mint infused candies inside a shell of what must be just mint extract that’s dry.

It’s a pretty strong mint. Give it a try if you can ever find a bag. If ya want I can bring some back next time I go for ya (which will be october)

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Also, most gum uses alcohol sugars that taste like pure poison.

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The good ones taste almost as good as sugar, but the flavor actually lasts more than 5 minutes.

I like the Wrigley 5 Sweet Mint MAZE. It tastes 95% similar to doublemint, but lasts 9500% as long.

I am 37 years old and have never chewed gum in my life ever.

It’s pretty tasty. Your mouth feels all clean after you chew it. It also helps with some oral fixation. It’s also very inexpensive. Just don’t swallow it.

IIRC Swallowing it isn’t too bad for you, a bit unplesent as your body can’t process it much so it ends up leaving your body in much the same form it cam in. That it stays in your body for 7 years is a myth saying that it’d likely take stomach acid 7 years to dissolve it however, it still gets pushed along.

I added this to my next amazon purchase, I’m excited. :smiley: Thank you!

I chew icebreakers gum because it has a significant amount of xylitol in it, which is good for teeth healths. I wouldn’t mind if they made a more legit mint version though.

Altoids are my go-to mint when I can find them, which unfortunately isn’t often outside of the super expensive import candy stores.

They are cheap and plentiful here. Want some?

Before I say yes, I’ll check the local prices and make sure it’s not more expensive to have you post some over - Last I looked, they were about 6-7 bucks a tin, but US shipping is expensive, and I wouldn’t want to have you spending your time to get essentially the same price. But if it works out with postage considered, and if you have the time, I’d very much appreciate it.

For $7.45 US on I can get a full display case of 9 tins of the small ones. A lot depends on flavor choice and such.

Eh, never been a fan of mints, or most mint-flavoured things in general. The first thing I associate with mint flavour is toothpaste, so when I put a mint in my mouth my brain is just like “Ugh, gross. Why would I want to suck on toothpaste? :nauseated_face:

I’m a fan of most mints and minty things. Except mint chocolate things, especially ice cream. That combination just tastes absolutely vile.

The mint in toothpaste is noticeably “off” from actual good mint or mint flavoring.


That’s one of the things I like about “natural” toothpastes. They actually use mint as opposed to menthol. Also, most times toothpastes are flavored with anise.

Yeah, even so the mental association is still there and hard to break. I can make myself eat a mint/minty thing and logically acknowledge that it’s good, but my lizard brain still goes “Blegh! :face_vomiting:

I do want to say that the wintergreen mint flavor is the WORST. Winterfresh tastes exactly the same as Pepto Bismol. It’s gross.

Spearmint is ok.

Peppermint is best.

There are many other less common mint varieties, but I haven’t tried them and don’t know enough.

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I hate the flavor mint.

Drag me.