"Metal" is the best thread title here


Ghost has a lefty guitarist!

Also they covered Enter Sandman.


Rifts to thick they would give marmite a run for its money. Also going to summer sonic this summer. Get to see Nine Inch Nails, Mastodon and Marmozets to name a few!


Mmmm, this Mgla shit refreezes my thawing, putrifying heart.




Holy shit that song made ridicule of my rhythm guitar playing, need to work my chops some after listening to it.


At the risk of spamming this thread I have to make sure everyone listens to the new Zeal and Ardor because the blend of Black Metal and Spirituals is seriously kicking my ass.


I have not stopped listening to it. Just so good.


Mgla is SO FUCKING GOOD I can’t even stand it.


I have a four hour car drive tomorrow. Looking forward to blasting this the whole way.


Why is Mgla not on Spotify? WTF?

Also, this was unexpected:



Goes against their ethos. When they play shows they don’t face the crowd, just all about music.


How is Spotify against their ethos, but they have a Bandcamp account?


Think they want people to be able to buy their stuff but for it not to be widely available online. I don’t know they are a doom metal band christ knows what goes on in their heads.


Yeah, there’s a push by some extreme bands to remain intentionally obscure, and as the Internet has allowed easier discovery of even the most underground bands, those who want to affect obscurity have turned to increasingly ridiculous methods. It’s sort of cause-and-effect, too; being “underground” is a badge of honor, and since it’s so easy to find “underground” today, you have to work extra hard to be unknown.

See also: Recluse releasing only on vinyl and cassette.

Metal is pretentious af, never forget.


By this logic, my metal band is the most underground metal band that’s ever existed.

Pray to the gods of metal that some day, you will hear us play. Not directly, but echoing distantly over the hills.


Do you release on 8-track? Or are you truly obscure and only release on wax cylinders? Actually, know what, if a metal band wanted to step up their pretentiousness, they could do worse than a phonograph release. I mean, how many plays could that medium have in it before it degrades to unrecognizable? 5? Not many, wax is soft as fuck and you’re touching it with a needle.

And exactly 0 people could actually play it without going to their local museum and politely asking to use their equipment. Underground metal band related museum visits.


The hardest core metal bands release only to the wind and sea. They play for the land itself.

To experience their music, you must find a place they have played, and take in that place. The echoes of the memory of their song are the height of true metal.


Eight track? What are you, fuckin’ mainstream? We release on magnetic wire reel ONLY.