"Metal" is the best thread title here


Ya’ll better get in on the new Elder release, it’s my jam.


I’ve seen some videos of them. I’m so bummed there is a great set of bands touring the UK the summer after I leave. Milk Teeth, Code orange, Employed to Serve. Red Fang at Download. Will have to hope for some of this to come to Japan.


Singer manages to sound like a banshee or an apparition, also I am a huge proponent of saxophone in metal.


Apparently if you make YouTube videos of crushing things with your hydraulic press, you can get a “press” pass to the metal festival.

Also, Finnish metal festivals have saunas.


Dude looks a lot younger than he sounds.



#memepolice are here




From the people that brought to you Dogs like Socks their new album is available, Sandwich.

This is how you do parody metal right.


Not exactly new, the album is from 2009. Just the video is new.

Edit: That being said, it is my favorite album of theirs, and just one of my favorite albums in general.


I would not even call it parody metal as it is not funny. At least the Alestorm and Sabaton have some sort of theme. To paraphrase Gabe, this is art crime.


Who wants to go to Tokyo?


I had never heard of Michael Schenker until now.

Worth listening to his stuff specifically or should I just stick with Scorpions?


I had almost the exact same question. I literally just alt-tabbed back to the forum to see this question after going to Spotify to get the answer.




Listening as we speak. Good so far!


As per the youtube comment ‘hits harder than my mums wooden spoon’,
Edit; this joke works better if you have had an Irish mammy.


My Jewish mom also had a wooden spoon. I was not hit by it because the world changed, and that was not ok anymore.


Would never say that it was ok, but its a shared heritage for Irish kids. Hell the republic of Telly had a bit on it.