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There wasn’t a thread for this already?

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I tried to read it and the story was good but I cannot get past the 70’s shoujo art, it is just unappealing to me, having come up with the 80’s and 90’s styles. Same reason I can’t do Tezuka. I totally get that they are good stories but the art just makes me go ehhhh…

I am so excited for this to come out officially in English. My one fear is how they will translate 男の娘/otokonoko, which is a kanji pun in that it is pronounced like the word “boy” but the kanji mean “male daughter.” The issue is that in Japanese is is a catchall term for people assigned male at birth that present femme, from straight men that enjoy crossdressing to trans women. It was coined in the LGBTQ community, but the nature of the pun makes it difficult to translate without being offensive in English, intentionally or not, or losing the nuance of the term.

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