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Shueisha has launched a lawsuit against CloudFlare.

Oh good. The Japan copyright police finally try to go after someone with money to fight back instead of just some YouTube person with a short clip in their video. Even better, they went after someone who isn’t directly doing the copyright infringement, but simply providing hosting.

Probably won’t happen, but it would be hilarious if CloudFlare just cut off Japan. Suddenly huge swaths of the web disappear from the Japanese Internet, and these four manga companies are to blame for it.

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Someone is finally making a subscription manga service. I hope it works out.


I couldn’t finish the first volumes/ season because it was trash.

I may try the ending, out of curiosity and nothing more.

Well, damn.

That’s a shame. I thought this whole thing was over already.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War is going to end in just a couple of chapters. The main story has already concluded and currently the epilogue is also about to finish up. I mostly followed along with the manga’s release in german (as well as the absolutely glorious anime adaptation, of course) but I am now caught up. It is just one of the best and funniest manga I have ever read, and you should read it too!

Kodansha is launching its own manga app in May.

Ars has a writeup on the new live action adaptation of Drops of God Review: Exquisite Drops of God brings the world of elite wine down to earth | Ars Technica

Yoshihiro Togashi has revealed the ending of Hunter X Hunter in case he dies before he finishes it.

Read at your own risk.