MAGFest 2020

They put up a form to suggest guests.

This the first of many interesting behind the scenes changes in my little area of MAGFest. If you were interested in joining up with my department now is a REALLY good time to do it.

I know we are a ways out but was told to ask around if anyone wants to be an MC for the guests. Someone who can read the room, handle question asking, and overall add to the traditional QnA you normally see at other conventions. Let me know if you or you know someone who is interested.

I mean, I am straight up a professional MC if you can’t find anyone else. :wink: The question is, is this just for big panels/events, or is it an all-con thing?

I wouldn’t have time at MAG to do the latter most likely.

Karl would be a good choice too.

I immediately thought of Karl but was not sure if he would be interested since he announced the end to his Stand Up Career. If he is I can talk to him. This is looking like a at con only thing where you would do between 5 to 8 panels that the guests are involved with during the 4 days (most likely afternoon to evening at the latest). If interested I can give you more information or just talk to you at PAX.

Let’s talk at PAX.

Karl isn’t doing Uncle Yo anymore, but he would be a perfect MC just as Karl. If time is an issue for either/both of us, maybe we could split the duty :wink:

I’ll sniff around and see who else you might be able to conscript.

Do panelists need to prereg or is the badge comp’d?

If you panel gets approved, either we will reimburse your badge or comp you one. The submission form is here:

It looks like there isn’t a place on the form for a panel title?

EDIT oops I see it now

Tickets are on sale now, you may form groups to save money and buy them now.

TvHQ is preregistered.

Any insight on to what the Swadge is this year?

MAGWest is happening at this exact moment, and is streaming live.

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This is a reminder for those of you who have not submitted panels (@Apreche & @SkeleRym) to send them my way before the end of the month, the sooner the better.

There is a real chance the schedule will be locked in before mid November this year.

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I need to be very vague in this request, but if anyone knows the contact information from Pillow Fight Games specifically Jo Kreyling if I could get that information via a DM that would be great.

Wave 1 of panel emails have been sent


Do you like your Speedrunning at MAGFest? MAGFast has their schedule live


Hey are you interesting in running all of MAGFest? No really they are looking for someone to run the non profit.

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What happened to the original crazy dude who ran it?