MAGFest 2019!

This is your notification to be on ticket watch starting now, if you really want to get into the main hotel it is important.

Will our hero’s learn their lesson from last year or will the website crash again?* TUNE IN TOMMOROW TO FIND OUT

*The website is gonna hella crash.

I will say a LOT of effort was made to improve this. However money will side on crashing since guessing it’s 15000 from the jump.

These times work much better for me than previous year’s. Now if my groups coordinate I might actually be in the Gaylord again this year.

Wish you the best with that bro, it’s gonna be a roll of the dice no matter how you coordinate if the rooms go in 2 minutes like last time.

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Well, more people involved means more chances. The problem last year was I was working with only one other person. Hopefully more people I plan to room with can be involved. The time of the day should make it better.

E-mails have been sent out for early access pre-registration for hotels 6 hours ago. Wondering if we are gonna have another MAGCondo or Geeknights-centric room for people again.

We do, Russ and I have been asking for people to join us. I need a new headcount to see if slots are taking up already.

I have a Gaylord room for my friends and I. Some others I know not so lucky. Luck was on my group’s side this year, but it can easily turn next year.

Yay I have a room in the Gaylord again! The hotel booking thing is a little frustrating, but not nearly as bad as the completely crippled web servers I’m used to. We had 7 people queued but only managed 1 Gaylord room.

If you can convince your friends staffing will get you a Gaylord room for 4 (just saying).

Who am I kidding, I do not stay in the Gaylord myself but still have good times.

I have been three years, one in the Gaylord, and that year was the best for me logistically.

For those who are coming from NYC, MAGTrain of board games.

Panel Submissions are live, help me help you get a free badge.

I’m getting the earliest hype feelings…

But there’s A WHOLE PAX between us and MAG!

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That’s not nice, PAX South is a real PAX too.

I’m pretty sure that’s after MAG though. Like Jan 20th vs Jan 4th or something to that effect. I only know this because I decided to do south this year and not MAG because my grapes aren’t sour at all.

Oh, I had my dates mixed up. I thought MAG was at the end of January, not the start.

I only didn’t say “TWO PAXES” because I’m salty I can’t be at Aus this year :wink:

You’ll get there soon enough. After all, it’s such an expensive trip that you can’t be expected to visit every year. Don’t worry, there’s still a seat waiting at the bar, there’s just a few more seats occupied next to it.

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