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Vehicles are cheap in pen and paper Battletech. Drop one of your medium mechs and have an army of crappy little glass cannons filled with SRMs.


The one thing in Battletech is that there is never any real stealth or cover. You can’t hide in a tree like advance wars. That is the key element that makes a fast or tiny mech not so great for much beyond scouting and spotting. If there were actual opportunities to be invisible, the SRM carrier would be god. Hide in a tree. Lure enemy mechs in close. Jump out and mow 'em down.

Also, the video game does not offer the ability to fire artillery or AOE weapons that target a hex instead of an actual enemy. You need that in a world where enemies can hide.


The computer game add straight damage reduction. Cover in trees prevents 1/4 damage, and Bulwark (A Pilot Skill in the guts tree) prevents 50% damage from the front if the 'mech doesn’t move.

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Does that stack?
(Isn’t bulwark in the Guts skill?)


I know what it does. But there is an enormous gulf between damage reduction and “I have no fucking clue where the enemies are”.


It doesn’t, but if get behind a Bulwarked Mech in cover it still has 25% damage reduction from cover.


Double blind rules do exist in Battletech, but they require a GM. I’ve never heard of anyone who’s used the rules.


I basically run Bulwark on everyone now that I’m in the assault mech stages of the game. I also have a lot of +1 initiative people which is debatable… some maps it’s the strongest thing to be able to go first, or ideally to go twice back to back by passing. Problem is that there’s no phase “below assault” to use to get those back to back actions against assault mechs and you end up having to deal with turn order. Similarly the guts final thing is probably the worst skill late game as you’re not really doing much with it.

Breaching Shot is probably the default go-to I guess.


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