Look at Me, I'm Playing Video Games


Looks like I’ll be picking Rosalina when I start up again.


Maybe if you’re better than I she might not be as big of an issue but like trying to predict her shots is really difficult to me because they will just take 30 degree turns on power shots.

I like spike a lot so far.


Streaming DCS f-18 carrier landing practice


Flying f-18 again


What’s your callsign?


Natural Selection 2 time


It’s still alive!?!


Should we all jump on?


There is pretty much always about 150 people playing at any given time. Only old guard left, so 100% high quality NS2


My presence would really drag things down, though.


Steaming again

Also, Scott, they added ELO ratings now so each round starts shuffled with team balance


Scott and I would introduce a “divide-by-zero” error.


Lol, wierd story you just reminded me of that nobody asked for. Long ago when I still played league of legends and ELO was starting to be a thing punk kids like me cared about and wanted to know about. A friend read the wikipedia page and decided that because the explanation (the textual explanation, not the mathematical one) for ELO looked something like this:

“ELO is determined by taking number x and doing these these mathematical operations to it.”

He saw this and said “so ELO is just mystery number x, and also where does x come from, this game is broken/arbitrary rabble rabble rabble”

I replied that X probably started as a 0 for every player and was increased and decreased through play with one another. He wouldn’t accept this because “adding a zero into math equations breaks them, ya know divide-by-zero”

I had to actually iterate through a simulated series of games between someone with ELO x and someone with ELO 0 to prove it was actually mathematically sound. In retrospect he was a knob and we stopped hanging out.


That’s terrific actually.


Flying in DCS this afternoon


DCS again ^ (fifteen char)


Flying again…again :slight_smile: