Look at Me, I'm Playing Video Games


It’s Mario Time!




Planned Parenthood 24 hour stream info/donations at bd4pp.com!BossDoors

Boss Doors For Planned Parenthood 2017


Ya’ll should join us, it’s great fun


Playing Hitman (the newest one).


Went back to Opus Magnum today and I beat the game. After it ends there are some ultra hard bonus levels. These levels severely limit the space you have to work with. I did the first one, but I don’t think I have the patience to do any more. The second one seems on the very edge of do-able, but life is too short.

Here are some of my solutions:


West of Loathing, Yee haw!


I got a PS4 for Christmas and it’s super easy to stream from, so I’ve done some streaming! Here was my first video, a stream of a WNBA game played in NBA Live 18

and here is a playlist of my playthrough of Nier Automata. I did not stream the first part(up to where you can save) so I will probably record that another time.


Victor and I ran into a celebrity while on stream playing Elite Dangerous yesterday.


Getting Slayed by the Spire


Into the Breach


When I next play, I’ll be streaming again on twitch. I’ll post about it here in case anyone is curious!


Here we go.



So I connect my PS4 to twitch, so I can stream video games. Eventually I may do PC streaming.

This reminds me when I was setting my Livejournal back in the day,


Replayed Super Metroid. Now playing Metroid II for the first time.


Now streaming Battletech


'Mech time.


Scott and I played last night. We didn’t finish the round but…

It’s Battletech. There are some things I can’t do that I CAN do in real Battletech, but not anything I actually care about. It also fully implements the basic rules.

The UI has issues, but is serviceable.

It was real fun… We’ll do a show on it and maybe get the Discord up to start planning group games.


The timing of the phases is different and there are lot more fiddly bits.

TTBT: It’s move everyone, then shoot everyone, then physical attacks (if applicable) everything is considered simultaneous so a destroyed mech still has one last shot before dying.

HBSBT: It’s Light Units go before Heavy Units, Move/Shoot/Physical attacks, then go to the next unit. You can crush a unit and it won’t get its turn if it hasn’t already acted.

It’s very much a solid Battletech game in the spirit of “Crescent Hawks Inception”.