Look at Me, I'm Playing Video Games


Now that I’m home from Saturday gaming, and up too late…

Time to watch you finish this game, because I’m all about the climax of this game.


Beat The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past again. It’s been twenty years, but I pretty much remembered where all the heart pieces were. The dungeons were half memories, and replaying them was a fascinating experience.

I might toy around with some randomizer seeds but not with speedrunning in mind.


These randomizer seeds are not the usual ones I’ve seen speedruns of! Locations are randomized as well, and it’s a very odd experience.

One hour in, I finally found a sword.


You are playing open mode where you do not start with sword, also the options and changes what gets randomized for your taste.


The question is whether I keep going or find (create?) some seeds more like the randomizer speedruns I watched for the last month. I feel more prepared for the latter.


I beat ER Open Ganon Simple Normal Restrictive 221166048 but not in anything close to record time! The “open” style with randomized locations takes a lot of getting used to. I recommend you take notes, because I didn’t and there was a lot of backtracking.

Next I’m playing a more-like-the-speedruns-I’ve-seen ALttP randomizer with just the items scrambled, and it’s absolutely fantastic!


Tonight I’m going to stream a whole bunch of games for many hours. Probably starting around 4PM Eastern-ish.


Picross time




Opus Magnum by Zachtronics


Here are some of my Opus Magnum Solutions: that you could have seen me build if you watched my stream.


Gonna stream some Mario Odyssey. It comes out at midnight eastern. Then I have to download it. Might stay up late and stream a little bit, but probably mostly after work tomorrow. Probably more Opus Magnum after work today.


I’ll wait until the weekend to play. Let it download while I sleep.


I played some more Opus Magnum, but didn’t stream. I’m not winning any efficiency awards with this one, but I’m still pretty proud of it. It’s also really satisfying to watch. I just went all out and used a zillion arms. According to the plot, this machine is making swords!


Once again I prioritized beauty and symmetry over cost or efficiency.


This machine is large and expensive, but it turns lead into gold very quickly, so you get your money’s worth.


This is the kind of game I better not play or it would consume my life.


There are only so many levels, then it’s over. Like portal. I’m close to done.


Fuck every other video game, Mario Odyssey is SO GOOD.


This weekend I’m diving in deep.

There’s no way it’s better than BotW. :wink: But then again, comparing them is like comparing a fine wine to a fine cheese. They can both be the top of their class.