Look at Me, I'm Playing Video Games


Squad is awesome. Watch my friends and I show you how to assault and capture a fortified position.


Killing Lynels like a boss, not even worrying.

Hey, a zebra-striped one: that’s new. I’m sure he’s…



Games with Scott - Setting Up a Controller with Undertale


My tolerance for inelegant software is shorter than my hair.


Yeah controller config seemed pretty abysmal for that game.


I played it with a keyboard at my PC.


Hokey religions and ancient editors are no match for a good IDE at your side.


I guess to the dudes credit I don’t think he knew how to make games and made it in GameMaker. But there has to be a decent tutorial on controller support for GameMaker.


After the podcast tonight I’m going to stream BATTLETECH


I’ve been trying out OBS a couple times in the past few weeks – in about 20-30 minutes I’ll probably play some Hearts of Iron.

Edit: Come by and watch me hang Parliament! http://twitch.tv/linkigi


Flying airplanes in VRRRRR


Flying again (fifteen characters)


Learning the F-5E-3


We need one more @Apreche NitW stream. Shit’s getting real.


Soon, I’m gonna finish that biz. Just need some time. Also gotta clean my apartment.

Then I’m gonna stream Shephy from my Switch.


Be Fruitful

Fill the Earth


Wealthyarrdvark and I played some PUBG, and were later joined by some other Friends from the Internet folks!


Flying again


I finished streaming that there Night in the Woods.

Next I’ll probably go back to some Zelda with that there DLC.