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I know it basically saved Lego as a company but it still makes me sad that Legos are mostly licensed products now. They seem to have so many unique ‘pre-fabricated’ parts compared to sets I had as a kid in the 90s, like armor bits or vehicle bodies. They seem more like traditional models put together with Lego studs than a model cleverly made of mostly generic Lego pieces.

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Just found a french builder who makes replicas of buildings from the Asterix comic book series. So far he has done the homes of

Some of his building techniques are insane, and I love those bananas used for thatched roofs.

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That’s some Inception territory.

Oh my…


I really want this. The price is pretty good at $120. The size is not so good at 1 meter long. No place to put that.

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I was eyeing that the other day. Juliane says it’s too big for the apartment.

Hang it from the ceiling.

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You have a good eye, my man. That’s the best in the city Chicago.

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Maybe I can buy it and keep it in the box for the future.

I miss the Legos of my childhood in the mid-90s before they were mostly based on licensed properties and half made of set specific parts. Ice planet dudes robot planet dudes, dragon knights, that stuff was great.

I put the Ray’s Music Exchange above also on reddit and someone made a comment with this amazing piece of stop motion Lego animation.

It’s an F1 car, if you were staring as long as I was, unable to figure it out.


Great Googily Moogily!

This is absolutely gorgeous… but at $800, I just can’t justify it.

Yeah, about that

Not sure you guys have similar bottles to the one I used for scale. It holds a liter.