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It feels like there’s not a lot happening in Kpop right now, which is awesome because it means my girlfriend (finally) turned me to LOOΠΔ - a girl group/creative project by Blockberry Creative. Each member has their own debut songs, and they’ve been “debuting” over the past 18 months. I wanted to share a few of my favorites here because I’ve not heard of them in many Kpop circles yet.

First is Yves, a part of the last subunit, coming out with “New” - it’s a chill song, reminiscent of their early releases, but I really like it. (Full disclosure: I included it because it makes some of the next MVs much more understandable)

Chuu then came out with Heart Attack which is an absolute BOP (and also v gay holy shit my heart).

Jinsoul’s has some fantastic house beats. Like damn.

And finally, FINALLY, is Olivia Hye - the final member, she just came out. Her debut song/MV, Egoist (starring Jinsoul), is my favorite Kpop song right now (or maybe ever), esp with her fallen angel/Lucifer metaphor. (It seems that in this universe Yves might be god and may have cast her out. We’re not sure.)

Full disclosure: Loona has taken over my K-pop life. I listened to their first songs and was like ‘okay, sure, maybe, whatever’, then I hit the second subunit and was a goner. It turns out there’s this pretty complex storyline to go alongside their videos. Fans are going full-on conspiracy to see how all the storylines and characters fit together, which is a lot of fun.

They’ve released so much content it was easy to get sucked in - alongside the 12 debut videos, 5+ subunit videos (still to come!), and B-sides, most members were a part of a cute webdrama. Then there’s LoonaTV, which is a series (300+) of ~1-minute vlogs of the members filming their MVs - it’s fun because they were released one at a time, so you get to see the girls meet their new members as you do. Best part is everything is fully subtitled by the Blockberry - no waiting for fansubs!

This is long. I hope you check them out - they have a wide range of songs, so even if one or two aren’t your style I hope you find one that makes you as happy as Loona has made me!


The LOONA Heart Attack song is killer. I been bopping that since it came out.

This group is really weird. Basically to “tease” their existence they have released a shitton of actual full on music videos. I mean, come on! How much content can you release and still claim to be “pre-debut”?


Hasn’t left my head since!

I feel that. I think the one argument is that they haven’t had all 12 members together yet, but at the same time, they’ve been going to the music shows in their subunits as well? So how are they not debuting, at least with those subunits? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Kpop group do this type of project, so I guess maybe they get to make the rules, but it does seem pretty arbitrary.

Bummed that the songs they’ve done at the music shows haven’t really been their awesome bops yet. Really hoping for a good one when OT12 gets to go on stage.


So GFriend always dominates in terms of choreography. They also practice so much and execute so perfectly every time. Even when forced to change speeds or mix it up, they do not make mistakes. The most impressive thing is that even when on top, they don’t rest. They push themselves and take an even bigger lead. Their new choreo is insane. Too early to say the best I’ve seen, but it’s up there. Certainly among the most elaborate.

Edit. They made a dance practice video



They’re going to perform on the Ellin show again, and I think actually perform at the Billboard Music Awards. They’re giving the international scene the hardest push anyone has ever pushed. PSY was an accident, this is intentional.


I’m surprised I haven’t heard of a kpop take on Babymetal yet.


Dreamcatcher is the closest you’re going to get.


She can’t get any of her music released, but she’s got a somewhat significant role in a for real Hollywood movie.


Last month was TWICE time. Then it was GFriend time.



The best new BTS song is this one about ANPANMAN


LOONA’s final subgroup, YYXY, is here! Their latest MV is a collaboration with Grimes and produced by the same folks who did Gee, which is awesome. It took me a couple listens to get into it - it feels like old-school kpop and is a little different from Odd Eye Circle’s Girl Front or a lot of the singles (Egoist, New, One and Only, with less of a hook), but I really dig it now.

Bonus dance video, featuring Yves sporting quite a few… bandages? Pain patches? Hoping she’s okay.


WALWARI is back. For the second time they actually made a music video, and it has a higher production value. The song isn’t as good as their previous releases, but I’m glad they are still going at it.


After a year of waiting BLACKPINK is back in our area! All aboard that hype train. I’m gonna post the teasers. I’m gonna post the MV. I’m gonna post the dances. You’re just gonna have to deal with it.

Oh, what is this we have here???

Welp. Looks like I died from getting hit by that ddu-du ddu-du du.


It here

EDIT: Spotify Album Link


Apparently they only come back once a year so enjoy it while you can.



BTOB is back. Somehow my bald bro Peniel grew some hair back?

Sadly, this song is not doing it for me.

In other insanity. This came out of nowhere.

Taeyon vs. BLACKPINK, oh it’s gonna be a bloodbath.

EDIT: There are more songs:


I still don’t know whether it counts as KPop or JPop when a KPop group releases a Japanese song.

This song sounds like a SNSD b-side track. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a fun and energetic song I will listen to, just not earthshaking. Bonus points for cookie jar. Minus points for hashtag.


One of the best English language articles about KPop I ever did see.


Shinee is back. Well, has been back, in their first release without Johnghyun. This particular song made me tear up - the lyrics are touching, and it includes the line “You did well” (referencing Jonghyun’s death). Bittersweet to see them performing without him, but it seems (or at least I hope) they’re dealing with some of their emotions via music.


Tiffany’s first US release after departing SM dropped today. I don’t know if it counts as KPop. It’s in English, released in the US by US people. Still, the song is really something else.