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There’s this group that is coming soon called LOOΠΔ. Everything they have done so far is apparently pre-debut promotional activity. It’s some ridiculously complicated thing with a zillion members and subunits, and I can’t even wrap my head around it. The point is that this music video is from them and WOW.

PSY is having concerts right now and he added Sunmi’s Gashina to the part of his show where he does Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

The #1 song right now is instagram by DEAN. I guess you can get away with using a trademarked company name as your song title in Korea.

It’s the end of the year so all the TV stations are having awards shows and their special gayo daejun end of year festival shows. The big one so far is SBS. All the performances are visible here.

BTOB really killed it, but how did my bald bro Peniel manage to grow hair?? I need to know.

Lastly, MAMAMOO and Oh My Girl (OMG) are both coming back soonish.


SHINEE is going to continue as 4 members, including their upcoming concerts in Japan. Everybody is crying.

T-ARA has parted ways with their company, but it seems as if the members are determined to remain as a group. It remains to be seen whether they can keep the name “T-ARA” as the company has filed for trademark protection.

Also, here are some new releases.


Luna and Amber released a new MV together, so I guess 1/2 of f(x) is back? As a lesbian, having Amber coded with the guys and Luna with the women gives me life.

Mamamoo is back! This time with “Paint Me” - we get to see Moonbyul singing in this one, what a treat. Really beautiful ballad.

Also, not quite Kpop so I hope you’ll forgive me, but I discovered Tiffany (from SNSD) did a collab with Far East Movement a while back - it’s not new, but it’s my new jam.


I’m sad that MAMAMOO hasn’t brought this song to a music show yet. I don’t know if they are even going to at all. Most of the shows are on hiatus for New Year’s and such also. I’m sure they’ll be back to a more regular schedule soon.


It’s a bit quiet right now. The charts are dominated by sad winter ballads and quiet songs. None of the top tier groups are on the music shows right now. Pretty must just INFINITE, OMG, and a bunch of small-time people.

There are a lot of activities relating to the Olympics and the torch relay. MAMAMOO sang the official Coca-Cola sponsor song. Check it out.

Solar didn’t make the actual torch relay because she got injured.

The only other thing is Chungha’s second release, which is not bad.


Ok, so there is this group called AOA. I’m not really a fan. Their concept is basically just be lewd and sexy, although some of their songs are catchy. However, their leader and rapper is this girl named Jimin. She’s not like, that great at rapping or singing, but she is decent. The main thing is that she has this unique sound in her voice, and I like it for some reason.

Anyway, there is this joke about how she says “hey” constantly. It’s not just perception, either. Here is the famous video that compiles every AOA music video, but just the parts where she says “hey”.

Well, AOA is having bad times. They lost a member. People are guessing they won’t return as a group. But Jimin just released a solo track today. The title is… “Hey”.

That self awareness.





In both situations the producers have denied plagiarism. You be the judge!


Case1: probably
Case2: definitely


Holy shit. I woke up and saw the performance videos from M Countdown last night. It was fucking lit.

7 Comeback stages including Red Velvet, Suzy, BoA and gugudan. OMG and Chungah still promoting. And more.

I still remember in 2001 (or 2002) when me and Rym went to see this 16 year old girl perform like two songs in NYC at the South Street Seaport mall. That mall isn’t even there anymore! We were so stupid then, and didn’t get back to GCT in time for the last train. We had no hotel so we napped on the street until the first train back home. And here is BoA today, dancing better than almost anyone except maybe Rain.

And she was on weekly idol this week XD

The only thing missing right now are the boys. It’s all girl groups right now. Where the boys at?

Oh, they’re coming next week you say?




Of all the KPop/KVariety stuff the thing I am the biggest fan of and have never given up watching is Weekly Idol. We just received news that it is effectively ending as the hosts are departing and the show format is changing.

In the very beginning they thought it would just be a six episode show. They didn’t have guests and just used cheap CG to insert idols. Then they got guests. Then they somehow kept going for 7+ years to episode 345+.

In many ways the show reminds me a lot of ESPN’s PTI, which I originally intended for GeekNights to be based on. You have a really inexpensive setup, two great hosts, and most of all they have this homebrew feeling. You get the idea that a really close group of people make the show and they let the audience feel like a part of their little family with characters, traditions, relationships, and inside jokes.

The real magic of the show is just that it is so playful. They get a guest on the show and then they just have fun. Unlike other shows that treat idols with kid gloves, they will gently rib on them, depending on how well they know them. Yet, they will also treat them well, feeding them delicious food, surprise calling their bosses on the phone, or dunking their manager in cold water. They don’t care if they have a huge celebrity guest like BIGBANG or a group you’ve never heard of, they treat them all equally. They smashed IU over the head with a rubber hammer. They’ll give prizes to the staff when the idols fail to win them. They go where no other show dares.

What made this all possible are the hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn (DoniConi). Hyung Don is a pretty significant Korean celebrity/comedian hosting and appearing on may TV shows, including Infinite Challenge, the #1 show in Korea. He took a hiatus from work (including weekly idol) for about 1 year due to mental health issues, but he’s back now. That also marked the end of his time at Infninite Challenge, but he returned to Weekly Idol. He’s just such a loveable goof. I’m just happy any time I see him on TV.

Defconn is a really interesting guy. He looks like a big scary monster. He’s huge. He’s always wearing sunglasses even indoors, because his eyes are really hilariously tiny compared to his face. He’s also a great rapper. But despite his appearance and profession, he’s a big teddy bear. Just a really nice and friendly guy. On top of all that, he’s a huge nerd. He went to Twitch Con. There are some videos of him hanging with famous American streamers who didn’t know him. I saw him talking about the history of hip-hop and he brought his Asuka (evangelion) statue with him because that’s his waifu. He also is a member of the popular variety show 1 Night 2 Days, and has recently started his own YouTube Channel talking about everything from sneakers to food to video games (all in Korean tho).

I’m going to really miss the big white set of Weekly Idol. I’ll be saving an hour of my time ever week, but I’ll still be sad. How will I get to know new idol groups? How will we get to see new groups perform the random play dance or 2x speed dance? GFriend has a tradition of always appearing on the show for every comeback, what will they do now? I think this is really going to diminish a lot of my interest in KPop/KVariety as a whole, which is something I’ve been spending less and less time on recently anyway.

I’m really gonna miss this show. I don’t think anyone can really replace the hosts. The production team is also leaving.

If you watch one episode, watch this one with IU from all those years ago. It really shows the kind of heart and reality this show brought to an otherwise sterile idol culture.


MAMAMOO is back with some less-hype music.

Also, the kings of math are here.


My man HOYA, lead dancer of the group INFINITE, left the group to go solo. He just came out with his first song. It’s one of those slow/quiet R&B type songs that puts me to sleep. But HOYA isn’t about music, he’s about dancing. Those moves!



The incredible show Weekly Idol is getting new hosts after a 7 year run. It was originally supposed to be a 6 episode summer special, but it became a legend. It’s especially sad for me since I watched this show for the hosts more than for the idols. I would watch episodes even with idols I didn’t care about or disliked because DoniConi made it fun. They would tease the idols, but also took care of them. When an idol did something amazing, they would applaud and acknowledge their incredible skills. When they did something that would otherwise be embarrassingly weak, they would react in such a way so everyone could laugh without laughing at the person. They swept away the awkwardness and embarrassment with their great attitudes and fourth-wall breakage.

The new hosts do have the possibility to do a great job. Kim Shin-young in particular is hilarious and a friend to all idols. As with new hosts on any show, but it definitely won’t be the same mood as it was with the originals.

This show was also a great way to learn about KPop. Don’t know all the names, faces, and personalities of the members of a group? You will after you watch them on Weekly Idol once or twice. Is there some group you’ve heard the name of, but know nothing about, if they were on Weekly Idol, there’s no better place to start. I hope the show can retain this aspect. Even though it is a relative minor show on a cable channel in Korea, it plays a huge part in spreading KPop internationally thanks to subtitles.

Since many groups have disbanded and gone to the military, since shows like this have ended, or changed or gotten stale, I feel the KPop phase fading a bit. I’m at the point where I’m no longer watching all these shows consistently. I just watch what new music is coming out and add any jams to my playlists. That’s probably for the best. People seem to view having phases as a bad thing, but I see it as a positive. Better than having one single obsession for your entire life. Encouraging variety is what GeekNights is about.


Spotify has an extensive KPop library, including just about everything, except for one major hole. That hole is JYP, one of the “big three” entertainment companies in Korea. The only way to easily legally get this music in the US was to get Apple Music. Lots of KPop fans had Apple Music for this reason alone.

That is, until today.

To celebrate this great day here is JYP’s song about how great he is.


EXID came back and is kicking it old school, but it’s an old school that hasn’t been visited recently by anyone I know about.

Red Velvet, Seohyun, and others performed in North Korea. Tough crowd.

Kinda scary to take a photo with Kim Jong Un.

To lighten it up, I obviously can’t resist the pop art stylings of “Banana Allergy Monkey”


The women from KARD featured in Super Junior’s new track.

TWICE is back and has taken over the charts.

Eric Nam is back

Here is the first episode of Weekly Idol with new hosts. It got bad reviews, but I haven’t watched it yet.

Seems like DoniConi are going to have a new show on JTBC instead of MBC Every1. It has the same producers as Weekly Idol.

It’s not exactly clear what happened here. Did JTBC see Weekly Idol and buy it out? Did MBC piss off the Weekly Idol team, who then resigned, and then JTBC saw the opportunity to scoop it up? Who cares, we still get DoniConi idol show.


KPop Emergency

APink had a concert and they covered BTS - Fire.