KPop - aka Only Scott Cares - aka Not as Good as Metal


I don’t dance.

I would dance at this.


They do this every KCON. KCON NY was recent, there should be a video for that somewhere also. It’s hard to memorize the choreography to even one KPop song. Even idols will forget their own if they haven’t performed a song recently. It takes some real dedication to memorize so many.


It’s right here (this rabbit hole seems to only be beginning)

I never said I’d dance all of them. But I’m reasonably sure I could do a Good Boy or a Abracadabra or a Gee with very little prep. Problem would be I’d be on the sidelines until and only until they played one of those three songs.


That video is from KCON 17. There should be one for 18.


There is. And I have to add BOOMBOOM to my list of ones I could… and DUDUDUU ok so I could do more of these than I thought. Also this one looks much more crowded

GOOD BOY was played at 2018 this year!

Well, just learned the deal.

If there’s still a country next year I’m going to 2019 KCON


I would not recommend actually going to KCON. It costs a metric fuckton of money, and isn’t much of a convention.

Also, the BEAR OF COLOR is my hero.


But but but, look how much fun that looks. AND HOW GAY IT SEEMS!!! BEAR OF COLOR seems like he’s right at home. How else will I get to dance with BEAR OF COLOR?


I’m sure the bear will be happy to dance with you if you call them up.

Also, I just got the GFriend section. I love how nobody can do it because it’s too hard.


Scott: killer of fun with just a bit of sense and pragmatism.

I’m skipping around looking for songs I have listened to/seen a million times and seems like I’m not alone.

When TWICE and Red Velvet come on everyone joins in.


I still don’t know if this counts as KPop or not. What I do know just from the song and the dance video is that this is the best ever American release by a KPop artist.

The walking part and the dudes dancing in heels. A++.


I feel so bad for everyone living in South Korea. They’re going to be hearing this song non-stop everywhere they go for at least the next two months.

I do really like the choreography during the chorus, though. It’s way fun.



True, it’s not a genre. Semantics mean nothing though.


The song is still just an average catchy Kpop song, at best, but I can’t get enough of this stupid dance. It’s just eye candy. Can’t stop watching.

Also, in a couple weeks just about every group in the universe is making a comeback. GFriend, MAMAMOO, KARD, SEVENTEEN, Chungah, Triple H, Hyolyn, and Epik High among others. BLACKPINK and BTOB’s promotinos haven’t worn off yet. TWICE and APink just got started. All four are still on top of the charts. It’s gonna be a bloodbath. This is what it takes to fill the summer void left by the absence of SISTAR.


Not every band, nothing from SNSD


You’re gonna have to accept that they are done.

EDIT: And then this verified official Instagram account gets created.


First openly gay KPop idol released the second of his twin singles.

Here’s the first one:

And here’s the second:

You think the US is homophobic. Coming out in Korea. And as a celebrity. And an idol. Hoping he can pave the way for all the others. This great music definitely can’t hurt.


I didn’t know that coming out wasn’t a thing in K-Pop. For some reason I’d just assumed about 50% of all the male K-Pop singers and dancers were gay, but I guess that is just based on my experience with male singers and dancers in my regular everyday life!


South Korea is extremely socially conservative. K-pop is very popular in Muslim nations as they are compatible in this manner.


There are so many releases right now, no point in posting them all here. If anyone does care, they can check the iChart. It has YouTube links, and is very comprehensible even if you can’t read Korean.

One thing I can’t pass over is MAMAMOO’s new album. It’s just as good as their previous works, and is totally what you expect from them. The title song is “Egotistic.” Find it yourself if you want to listen. What I want to talk about is the b-side “Sleep in the Car.” For what I think is the third time, they have released a comedy rap track. This time it is about how they fight over who has to wake up first to get their makeup done before work. At least the person who wakes up first can sleep in the car while they wait for the others, right? The lyrics speak for themselves.