KPop - aka Only Scott Cares - aka Not as Good as Metal


I’ve been really digging Taemin’s new album with the ‘Move’ single … surprisingly the song was made by 3 talented US-based producers. One of which I think is Aiden Lewis, singing the catchy ‘You got got the rhythm’ hook in the background while Taemin recites the lead vocal chorus. His previous Japanese EP ‘Flame of Love’ is just as good. :heart:

I’ve also been digging UP10TION’s ‘Photo Edition’ EP, JYP’s new trainee group Stray Kids’ Hellevator track, and Jay Park’s 2016 album with the ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Me Like Yuh’ songs ~ him & Cha Cha Malone are absolute hot sauce!

I’m pretty excited to hear about Super Junior returning and BTS’ AMA performance … RapMon’s a handsome AF dude, so I think the AMA audience might flinch at his stage-name for a second before dropping their jaws in awe of BTS’ showmanship. :grin:

Now if only AOA would make a comeback!


Bad news for you. AoA’s prospects are not looking good. ChoA is done.

Also, BlackPink is going to feature in the new Justice League movie?

I discovered a lot of music as a kid after hearing it during movies and getting OSTs. This could definitely have some kind of impact.


Woah, yep I just caught news that ChoA got stressed & left AoA. Dang, well at least it was external factors and not fighting among members. They always looked like such a tight knit group, sort of like the BTS of girl groups in my opinion. :open_mouth:

That’s super cool about BlackPink’s video on Justice League! I remember finding out about Paul Oakenfold thanks to the Swordfish soundtrack when I was kid … a movie I was probably a bit too young to see back then haha.

Rosé is mega talented, her cover of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable always leaves me speechless! There’s another video out there of her singing Winner’s Really Really on an acoustic guitar too.


So many releases all at once.



That’s JPop yo. I’m also well aware of it because I follow the person who did the art on Twitter.


Yep, I found her art first and found the video that way.


Jungkook & Jimin were low key vlogging in Tokyo recently; apparently with Sony’s sexy flagship α9 mirrorless. :drooling_face:

I wonder what lens JK was using and the fancy store they shopped at? Since he blurred the brand name on the onyx bags probably to draw focus to the vlog itself. Overall pretty cute video →


You blur the brand names because it’s illegal not to do so on Koreqn TV.


It still seemed kind of dichotomous to see the bags blurred right after walking through non-blurred Harajuku storefronts like OnitsukaTiger and Louis Vuitton though. Maybe the Korean TV copyright rule doesn’t apply unless they’re carrying/using the brand itself.


It’s weird/inconsistent. Lots of times it is blurred, or they just put a piece of tape over part of a logo, but everyone knows exactly what it is.


I was browsing a learning Korean channel and got this cover of BlackPink on the side recommendations. If I recall correctly the original producer was Teddy Park from Big Bang & 2NE1 fame ~ but wow this guy Jason Chen did a really cool English cover!


Peek a boo! It’s stuck in my head.


Want to be a KPop star? Are you read to not see your mom at all for four years?






This dude goes to an EXID concert in Thailand and holds up a gigantic poster of Hyerim. This made him famous at least within the EXID fandom. As a result of this minor fame, he befriended another EXID fan at the concert. Now they are married and Hyelim sent them a congratulatory message on Instagram.

This is even more awesome because Hyelim is a real oddball. Kind of a crazy/quirky/weird person you wouldn’t imagine being a celebrity. She can fuckin’ sing, though.


After a few TWICE releases that did nothing for me, this one is way catchy. The music video and choreo are also a lot of fun.

The bridge is weird, though.



It didn’t have to end this way.

This is IU, but he wrote this song. It is more appropriate than any SHINEE song.


Honestly, considering how they treat these kids, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often… RIP