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Watching the new bill nye show on netflix, and a genuine surprise - During the Sex and Sexuality episode, there’s a four minute segment(an eternity in terms of pre-pack segments) about K-pop and it’s influence on sexuality and gender expression in Korea.


Nice, I’ll have to check that out when I get Netflix again. The US community is always complaining about it, but it is harder to find much in the way of deeper discussion of it in English.

Meanwhile, there is a LOT going on.

IU ended up dominating the charts. She achieved the “PERFECT ALL KILL.” I love it when it happens because I just imagine the Quake announcer saying it. Even now, days later, she is occupying spots #1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 on the charts. Most people just get their one hit song up there, but IUs entire album just crushes it.

Who is it that #2 spot? It’s HYUKOH! I have heard of them, but never bothered listening before. What sucks is that their entire album is on Spotify, except for the track TOMBOY, which happens to be that song occupying the #2 spot. Here it is on YouTube as well as their other big new song, Wanli.

K.A.R.D. is also back! Technically, according to KPop terms, they haven’t even “debuted” yet. This is their third song. The music video has a vertical aspect ration because it is also a commercial for an LG phone. I’m still not sure if these kids are popular in Korea, but they are a huge hit in the international community. They are already doing a tiny tour in the US. Not New York, though.

Lastly, my fav Hong Jin Young composed this cute little EDM song named RingRing and got one of my fav comedians, Kim YoungChul, to sing it. It’s just a short cute funny song. Not a big deal. But it has two of my favs and brings back a bit of the fun that KPop has been lacking lately.

Edit: On Spotify the album for RingRing has a version of the track where Hong Jin Young sing it as well. yay.



What’s most exciting about this is that his first TV appearance will be on Knowing Bros. It will be his first variety show appearance in five years. This is one of my favorite shows right now. It’s been steadily gaining popularity in Korea and around the world. The format and cast are just so good. You can watch it every week with ENG subtitles here:

I’m really curious to see how this show goes over with people who doesn’t already know who the guests and cast members are. They make a lot of jokes about their own pasts that seem like they would be confusing to a new viewer. But I didn’t know very much when I started watching either, so…


The best part of this article was that they gave me the names of other big time musicians from Chile. I’m loving Mon Laferte.

Also, I can verify that BTS is a huge deal. A few weeks ago I saw some girls walking on the sidewalk near my apartment wearing these:

They chose Rap Monster, so they have good taste.



The UNNIES are here:


Do their male fans call them NOONAS? LOL.

Kdrama Funfact: PSY’s New Face video was shot in the same Macau locations used in the Boys Over Flowers drama.


If PSY and IU weren’t enough, TWICE is back again with this weird-ass music video.

I like the bumping part of the song, but the singing part is meh.

With all these “real” groups UNNIES are still at the top of the chart somehow?



Hey, Pineapple Pen guy!
Who is dude in the white suit staring at the camera?



I haven’t seen many people for whom SISTAR is their #1 favorite group, but I also haven’t seen many people who don’t like them. All KPop fans know that when it’s summer, it’s SISTAR. They reliably come back every summer with a jam that makes everyone feel good. I think they have some ridiculously long streak where every one of their singles reached the top of the chart since “So Cool.”

At least it seems like Hyolin and Soyou will keep having solo music careers while Bora and Dasom will go do something else like acting. Still sucks that there won’t be any more summers after 2017.

M2 channel posted a bunch of their old performances last night once the news was made official.

Here is my favorite SISTAR stage of all time.

They really knew how to have a good time.

There have been so many disbandments recently, that there aren’t many older girl groups that are still active. f(x) still technically exists, but is seemingly in big trouble. T-ARA lost two members and has a lot of drama with their company. AOA is on slightly shaky ground. SNSD’s 10th anniversary is this year, and they are up to something, but everyone is hoping beyond hope that they don’t end it afterwards. APink and Girl’s Day seem to be the only ones who are keeping their shit together.


Not a lot of new material going on right now since its TWICE Season. Next few weeks there will be more action. However, there have been some really killer live performances recently.

IU and PSY appeared on the TV show “Fantastic Duo” together.

Also, the kickass Luna, (of f(x)), performed at some random festival. This song is a year old, but its her best performance of it I’ve seen. She doesn’t seem to be doing much lately, but when she gets a job she gives it everything she’s got.


There’s actual big-ish news, and releases from popular groups, in KPop land, but I don’t give any shits.



G-Dragon’s solo album has dominated the world. All-Kill on Korean charts, of course. Also the #1 Album on iTunes charts in 39 different countries.

They chose this ballad for the title track and music video, which is ok…

I like the other songs better.


Normally I wouldn’t post here again so soon, but we have an emergency situation.


Produce 101 Season 2 (AKA Broduce 101) is over. The live stream of the finale was today. My boy Kang Daniel, who I selected even before the first episode, is the winnar!!! I was rooting for Somi in season 1, and she was also the winner. I’m two for two on this show! The rest of the results were also great, except for Samuel not making the cut.

Also the final group’s name is gonna be “WANNA ONE” which sounds like 101 when you say it. Not bad. But the group name from season one was I.O.I. and we really wanted the name for season 2 to be B.O.I.


Both MAMAMOO and BLACKPINK had huge new releases today.

BLACKPINK is really new, and so far they’ve only had hits. But this new song sounds like an album teaser. If they had just made three or four separate songs, it would be great. But combining them all into one is… weird. Parts of it are good, like Lisa’s rap and the intro.

Still, this is not the first time this has happened. We all said similar things about SNSD - I Got a Boy when it was first released. It’s just as true now as it was then, but the song was a hit.

More importantly, MAMAMOO is back! Because of company biz BLACKPINK only appears on Inkigayo, so I linked their MV. MAMAMOO was on M Countdown, so I’m going to link the special 4k official “fan” cams which are much mroe fun.

Their title song is what you expect from them. Really good.

The real hit is AZE GAG, their secondary track. The song consists entirely of dad jokes. Even as someone who can’t understand Korean, the performance is still so fun. Hwasa’s facial expressions are the best. I’m sure some fans will release a subtitled version soon that explains all the jokes.



Killin’ it.


Those videos were super entertaining. The audience is perfectly trained.


It’s like that for every popular group. The fan clubs create the chants, distribute them online, and everyone practices them in advance. The tickets for the music show audience are distributed based on fan club membership. You just don’t hear the chants on TV because they turn them down in the mix. On the fancam you can hear everything. At the arena concerts, you can hardly hear the actual music the chants are so loud.

If you like MAMAMOO, just search for them on YouTube. There is a lot of content there. Here is my fav:

Fun fact: Moo is the Korean word for radish. That is why their official light stick is radish-shaped, and why that stage is radish-themed.