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Heize is currently completely dominating the charts with a song that Koreans are apparently madly in love with, but I don’t care for at all. It’s just some standard rainy day ballad.

What I do care about is that the queen Lee Hyori is back in business. FYI she was a very very big deal. But awhile back she went on hiatus to go live in the woods with her husband. I guess she finally got the urge to come and make more music. The song doesn’t excite me.

What does excite me is her new variety show. Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast, which is literally just people coming to hang out at her house in the woods. Also IU is there. Available online with legal subs! Only two episodes out so far.

The only other important news is that BTS put out a remake of a Seo Taji’s track “Come Back Home.” It’s really good. I find it interesting that they filmed a music video for this, but none of the members of BTS appear in it.

Also of note. BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan. This translates literally to Bulletproof Boy Scouts, and that is how people refer to them in English. They are also sometimes called Bangtan Boys.

They have just announced they are changing their brand image. So now in English they are officially called “Beyond the Scene”. This is a really big WTF.


While I was at CTCon, Red Velvet dropped their new album. This is the title track.

It has a nice summer jam energy, but this “bluh bleh bluh bleh” noise is extremely distracting and wtf.



EXO came back and, obviously, splashed everyone else out of the pool.

I can’t not hear “Coco Puff”

And how is a song like this on an album titled “The War”?


PSY is still doing his thing, for some reason I really like this particular song. Also features TAEYANG of good boy fame.


Big time action today. Huge episode of M Countdown. You can find links to all the performances here.

EXO’s comeback stage. The Eve is better than Ko Ko Bop. Those fangirls on the fancam. Wow!

KARD finally officially debuts! Those cute kids. They’re coming to NYC in September. Maybe I’ll go see them.

CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yong-Hwa brings some more solo work. I really love this dude when he appears on TV shows, and he’s actually musically talented.

RED VELVET wins again. You would think they would stop now that EXO is here, but they are actually #1 on the chart, and EXO is #3. MAMAMOO and APink stopped promoting just in time to get out of the way.

Not appearing on M Countdown, but releasing a new MV today is AKMU. The title track just makes me want to say “Oh no, not you too AKMU!” All the KPop tracks these days are doing the same tropical house thing. I kinda like KARD doing it, since they built their entire concept around it. But AKMU is supposed to be real music. At least the MV is cute with the dinosaur/E.T. story.

At least the other tracks on the album are more typical AKMU music. I think they are just rushing out music lately because Chan-hyuk is going to go to do his mandatory military service. Will be very interesting to see what happens when he gets back and what Su-hyun does while he’s away.

In other news GFriend is confirmed to come back on August 1st.

Taeyang is having a concert in NYC, but I’ll be at PAX West.

And the biggest news of all, of course.

SNSD - 10th Anniversary - August 5

Bonus content: What do actual Korean people on the street think about KPop? See what they think of the new EXO music video.


In four days…


There’s a brand new holiday on August 5.

3 days.


They’re making me feel the heat.


2 days.

But no, actually one day because it’s already tomorrow in Korea.


Ten years ago:



The winners of Produce 101 Season 2 have appeared. It was actually awhile ago, but I didn’t have time to post about it. My boy Kang Daniel won first place. I have a hard time caring about the rest of them, though.

This song is their hit song:

But I don’t like it. As if often the case, I like the other track way better.

It sounds a lot like BTS, which is a good thing.

It’s still SNSD 10th anniversary. They made all kinds of great variety TV appearances I will watch very soon, like my fav shows Knowing Bros. and Running Man. MBC also made this great YouTube video showing all their hits from the past ten years.




So I’ve been out of the Kpop scene for years (got into it right around when f(x) debuted. I followed them and SNSD really closely) and have actually been using this thread to ease back in. While it seems SNSD is still going (sans Jessica) it seems a ton of girl groups have broken up (what happened to Miss A?!), but also feels like not too many are taking their place. Does that sound accurate? Anyone know what’s up with that? Or is it just that I haven’t caught up with the new groups? The only new names I really see are MAMAMOO (holy shit do I love them) and BLACKPINK.


There are a lot of new girl groups. Probably too many. I don’t know how the market can support any but the most successful ones.

TWICE is the biggest deal in the universe right now. Red Velvet and GFriend are also tremendously popular. APink is still quite strong. T-ARA and AOA still exist, but are in weird spots. On the next tier down you have groups like Oh My Girl and Lovelyz. EXID rose up big time, and just regained a member who was ill. CLC also exists, I guess.

Then there was I.O.I., the temporary group formed from Produce 101 Season 1. It’s over now, but most of the members have dispersed into other groups or solo careers. PRISTIN, WJSN, DIA, Weki Meki, and Gugudan all have former IOI members in them. Chungah from IOI went solo, and is awesome. Somi, who took first place, is still kinda floating around in space, but she’s ridiculously young.

Miss A technically still exists? Jia left, and they are on hiatus. The hiatus is likely permanent.

2NE1, 4Minute, Sistar, Wonder Girls, KARA and Rainbow have all disbanded.

If you want to follow what’s going on, I highly suggest just hitting up On the right sidebar are links to watch performances from all the weekly music shows. These are very well maintained. They are updated almost as soon as new videos go up on YouTube.

Also, you picked a real bad time to come to KPop because it could all be over really soon. SNSD just had their 10th anniversary. We’ve been looking forward to it for months, and it was amazing, until it wasn’t. Lots of shenanigans with contract renewals, messed up TV broadcasts, shortened promo period, and breaking news all over the place right now. We’ll see how it ends, or hopefully doesn’t end.


Bad timing indeed! 2NE1’s official YouTube channel put it bluntly with the last song ‘Goodbye’ they released.

As far as girl bands go, I really enjoy 2NE1, BEG, and AOA’s older stuff. And on the boy band side of things, I tried getting into Big Bang, but just haven’t found a song that strikes a chord with me. Though for some reason I’ve been liking UP10TiON’s recent stuff, and BTS’s new look totally works for them! I could barely recognize Rap Monster on the Blood Sweat & Tears video, but it further enhances their ‘cool’ image. Their new mature look and vibe is rubbing me in all the right places. ♬

I have a friend of mine that’s really into Seventeen, though I just haven’t given their stuff a peek yet. Some of Gain and CL’s solo stuff is pretty neat too.


Best part of KCon - the random dance party!


WANG KONG is going solo!





Classical music students at the conservatory judging KPop

The new hotness stages from yesterday’s MCountdown: