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I would be remiss not to mention the return of GFriend. This song is going to dominate the scene for a month or two, minimum.

But the song I’m listening to these days is this one.

Hwang Insun was I think the oldest contestant on Produce 101. All the other contestants called her “auntie Insun.” She didn’t win, but she made it much further on the show than you would expect. She’s not particularly talented at singing or dancing, but still better than the average person.

Despite all that, she’s still risking it all and going it alone. I think this is her third or fourth solo release, titled 'Hwang Ya". She doesn’t really sing very much, but it doesn’t matter. This song is hype and the dance is way fun. I just wonder how long she can keep trying to have a music career before father time and/or the bank catches up.


Girlfriend said on hearing the second song: “That feels like 8 different songs in one track”


That’s how KPop is. Almost every song has at least one pop/catchy part, one dancing high energy part, one rap break, and one powerful singing/ballad part.


So I don’t kpop like Scott does, but I would be remiss if I didn’t put my favourite kpop song in a thread devoted to it. So without further ado:


That does basically describe every Big Bang song i like.


Looks like SM isn’t treating Amber well, and she’s not gonna take it anymore. You go girl!


Last year there was a show on MNet called Produce 101. They would take 101 female KPop trainees and have them compete for 11 spots in a temporary project group. Everything would be decided entirely by the direct fan voting.

Despite all indications that this was the worst thing ever, it was a disaster you couldn’t look away from. In the end, it’s hard to say that it was good, but we liked it anyway. Like Initial D, I love it despite it being horrible. There was enough good music, legendary performances, and contestants to root for, so I followed it the whole way. The resulting group, I.O.I., disbanded in January, but all the members are still active in other groups or on their own. The overall first place winner, who also happens to be my fav, Jeon Somi, is really tearing it up.

Well, now it’s 2017, and Produce 101 is back again for season 2, this time with boys.

That’s right, the host is BoA. Daaaaamn.

Also, it seems like the supply of male trainees is pretty low. To fill out the show they had to bring in a lot of kids who have already debuted. The members of NU’EST are in there. Some members from Jackie Chan’s idol group JJCC are in there. It’s not unprecedented because in season 1 there were some members from DIA competing, and some of them won. Still, is it unfair?

Either way, I’m all in on Kang Daniel of Harry Pote!


War is hell


Yeah, it’s a problem, but they made an exception for T-ARA. Also, who cares about MIXX?


MAMAMOO performed a thirty minute stage at Koreatech University’s student orientation. For whatever reason the crowd was ridiculously hype. It was also Solar’s birthday.

I really love watching and going to concerts where the audience is just going nuts.


IU is back. Her new album is coming very soon. Here is the pre-release track (not the title track).

If anyone doesn’t know IU, this is her most famous song.

And this is the title track from her last album.


The number one news is still IU. Her pre-release song “Through the Night” is still number one on every chart. This is know as the “Perfect All-Kill.” It’s a big deal. It only happens to the mega hit songs. This is just the pre-release track. The full album is yet to come. Here is a just-released teaser for one song, “Jam Jam.” Is it going to literally be everyone’s new jam?

I’m always down for that funky disco bass and the psychedelic MV styling.


EXID is back. This is great because the song is so good. It’s sad because Solji is still sick with hyperthyroidism, so she wasn’t able to participate. If/when she comes back, hopefully for their next release, I wonder if they’ll rearrange the song and choreography to fit her into future performances.


The first episode of Produce 101 Season 2 AKA Broduce 101 is now fansubbed in English for your viewing pleasure. Remember, it has two parts, as the show is quite long.


2NE1 is probably one of the top 5, definitely top 10, most legendary KPop groups of all time. It was pretty devastating when Minzy left the group in April 2016. It was even more earthshaking when they officially disbanded in January of this year.

But now, Minzy is back on her own. Oh shiiiiiiiiiii


Odd news - a few hours ago, I got a call from someone I work with occasionally, warning me to clear my schedule for standby, because apparently there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll be working the GOT7 gig on the gold coast next week.


My fav GOT7 Song. Also, Wang Jackson is the coolest kid.


Normally I wouldn’t post in this thread so frequently, but my favs Crayon Pop are over.

Or maybe they’re not over?

Either way, it’s unlikely we will see much more of them in the future. It’s a shame. Orange Caramel is MIA as well, and PSY appears very rarely. The fun wacky aspect of KPop has really been absent these past year or two.


Throwing some JPop in the mix, but Deadlift Lolita just released their first single


IU’s full album has been released.

The title track Palette is nice, and it’s really insane that G-Dragon is on there. That’s some kind of unfair team-up. Like when the top two strongest kids in class are on the same kickball team.

Jamjam is the most fun.

It’s not on Spotify just yet. :frowning: Probably tomorrow.