KPop - aka Only Scott Cares - aka Not as Good as Metal


Red Velvet prepping for a February comeback.


2NE1 is really done now. At least for once we get a group that breaks up and actually provides closure and acknowledgement. The Beatles couldn’t even manage that.


I’ve really liked almost all of Red Velvet’s previous releases, but this isn’t working for me. The song isn’t catchy. The music video has a colorful artsy concept, but isn’t interesting and creative like Dumb Dumb or Russian Roulette MVs.

It really doesn’t help that they are saying “rookie” and it sounds like “looky looky.”

I’m hoping that the choreography is good at least. You can’t see much of it in the video. Also, even though I think it is a mini-album, it definitely has at least one b-side track, and their b-sides are usually better than their title tracks.


+1 for bootleg Itchy and Scratchy.


These two songs are tearing up the charge right now. I like Zion.T’s track a lot, but Block B’s isn’t doing it for me. I liked their older song HER a lot more. Zico is still awesome, though.


I think I like the aesthetics of “The Song” more than the song, but I generally go for the more upbeat songs when I listen to K-Pop. Also, I wonder how much it pays to be random white girl in male K-Pop videos?


Ouch. The repetitive, simple keyboard background in Zion T’s The Song goes on way too long and is prominent throughout. It needs to switch up a bit, but it is unrelenting.

The Block B track is genero-pop of the upbeat variety.


@Apreche if you ever wanted to do KPop panel at MAGFest, let me know so that you can share your wealth of knowledge with the world.


My knowledge is more than people who don’t know anything or don’t care, but way way less than actual KPop fans.




There have been co-ed KPop groups in the past, but none of them were extremely successful. I guess it depends if you think AKMU counts or not. There is a new one called K.A.R.D., and they just released their second song. The international fandom is head over heels for these kids, but it seems like the actual people of Korea don’t seem to care that much. I hope they can be successful.

What I like most about them is that one of the girls originally debuted under the same company in a group called April. April is the youngest, most lolicon, creepy group I’ve ever seen. She was the leader, but she bailed out like NOPE. Way to go!

Their debut song

Their new song

In other news, Taeyeon, the leader of Girl’s Generation, has been releasing many successful solo releases for a year or so. They are good, but they are all like ballads and such. They definitely don’t make your ass move, so they don’t really make the Scott playlist. Just now they released a teaser for her new song. Everyone was expecting more of the same, but the unexpected nature of this song has all the fans SHOOK. i.e.: Bodies were not ready for this.


Wow, April is some creepy shit. I was expecting more just “those girls seem kinda young to be dressed like that, doing that .etc” not straight up everything is little girl themed.


They definitely don’t make your ass move, so they don’t really make the Scott playlist.

Please tell me that you are taking hip hop dance lessons and now live to “make your ass move.”


Sorry to disappoint you.


Not disappointed, just imagining it really hard in the hope it becomes reality.


I’m not loving this, but I think its at matter of taste. They’re using those minimal islandy beats which are pervading most western pop these days and it just does nothing for me.


So I saw this performance on the list for Show Music Core this week labeled, HAKUNAMATATA. I clicked it because I thought it was a cover of the song from The Lion King.

I was very wrong, but I was not disappointed. Apparently the spirit of Eurovision is getting ready for spring by haunting Korea!


This is hot trash and I love it.


It’s impossible to not mention that Twice’s new song just landed. I’m not feeling it, but it’s guaranteed to take over the charts, because that’s how they do. At least my boy JYP makes a cute appearance. There’s still hope, though. The full album comes out tomorrow. They’ve always delivered a good b-side track, like jelly jelly, even though their title tracks are bleh.

Thankfully BTS has also delievered an MV today, or… NOT TODAY


Yeah I’m not feeling it either. Not sure why exactly. I liked “TT” but this just isn’t doing it for me.