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Thanks! I’ll have to check them out. I really liked their chill vibes.



The five remaining SNSD members who have not left the company are going to for a subunit named Oh!GG. Apparently their song is going to be very addictive.

Also, the fact that they are officially calling this a sub-unit is confirmation from the company that the three members that left the company have not left SNSD, and our dream of a full group comeback at least once in the future is somewhat likely, even if it’s far away.

This will also be interesting with just these five members, as they will each get more individual attention than they did when they were in a group of 8 or 9.

Lastly, BTS IDOL is breaking all kinds of YouTube records for most views/unit time. All the KPop sites are annoyingly posting news stories each and every time they cross an arbitrarily round number.


While I was away in Seattle…

A new group called GWSN appeared.

If you watch this your first thought is probably going to be “who is that incredible androgynous member wearing pants?” It’s Miya. Apparently Miya is the oldest member, and is 25. The second oldest member is 19. That’s a bit weird, but everything else about this is fantastic.

The final episode of Produce 48 aired. The new group is going to be called IZONE. All the produce groups have had punny names that can be read in so many different ways involving the number one, and this is no different. The really shocking thing is the final lineup, which I will not spoil.

NCT Dream is apparently going up.

Sunmi is back. She’s definitely going up these days.

The real news is that GG, or at least Oh!GG, is back.


So they released a version featuring Nicki Minaj. To no surprise, it’s one of those typical featuring deals where they obviously didn’t record in the studio together or even meet.

What is surprising is that she’s actually in the music video. Obviously she recorded her part of the music video separately, as they don’t appear together, but still that’s more than you normally expect from these things.

The real reason this is great is because at the very end of the video they show some #idolchallenge and there is footage of various fans dancing the choerography. I’m sure those fans are very happy.



Oh My Girl is back (and not the Banana version)

A former KPop trainee spills the tea.


So I’m watching footage from Kcons around, like ya do (I’m not defensive, you’re defensive), and I was seeing this little diddy from kcon LA 2018 and I’m picking favourites (it’s black crop top girl, red outfit girl and, dude in jeans who dances to literally every song) when at around 5:30 comes BEAR OF COLOR. My hero. He was last seen at kcon 2018NY. I think I’m a fanclub of one for this guy.

Seriously though watch dude in jeans, by a quarter of the way through he looks like he’s about to collapse, yet he perseveres. Like I think he may have lost a bet. He is even one of the few to dance to GFriend


I find it really fascinating how the KPop industry, though it has improved, is still really awful. Full of body shaming, sexism, homophobia, agism, abuse, etc. Yet somehow, despite all that, the KPop fandom, especially outside of Korea, is more inclusive and welcoming than most other fandoms I see. it really is for everybody.


I was into pink hair girl who obviously knew all the moves but wasn’t that good of a dancer but was joining in as much as dude in jeans.


I saw her, I think she’s pacing herself. She knows the secret that jeans dude does not. That this is a marathon not a sprint…


CUBE Entertainment already fucked up a whole bunch. It looked like they were making a tiny comeback since (G)I-dle is somewhat successful.

Then they shit the bed. Threw the bed out the window. Set the bed on fire. Then jumped out the window and into the fire.


I recognize HyunA. She’s in… I think, Gangnam Style. Also Bubble Pop! but the former is way more popular in the west.


Yes, she is extremely famous and cool.


So I’m pretty new to the wider KPop scene outside of like SNSD and PSY so I’m going back and listening to popular stuff of times past. I noticed something today. I’m not really interested in the discussion of whether or not something is plagiarized or inspired by and whether or not it’s ok, Just if (the royal) you think these sound similar enough to be inspired/plagiarized/whatever:
BAAM vs. Booty Swing

They sound similar with a different tempo at the start and then they diverge a bit. Completely different genres.


I already discussed BAAM and possible plagiarism way above.

I’ve never seen it compared to Booty Swing, though.


I didn’t remember seeing BAAM mentioned way back when but I’m human with a fallible memory. Still interesting to me. They sound like they are exactly the same with a tempo shift at first then they move to being just inspired by with nutty swing-y horns but not the EXACT same rhythm, just close.

Also related, BAAM has like, one of the funnest dances in kpop. Light running man ftw.


Oh it was boom boom last time. I mean, come on! They basically released the same song twice.

It’s fun dances you want, eh?


When I think fun dances, my mind always goes to Mamamoo. :slight_smile:


A fan made this and it is surprisingly really good.