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Dumb noob question, is there a go to streaming g service like Pandora that speciizes in j and k pop and rock? Yt music used to be it but they borked their search so it is no longer valid.


July is on fire. Even though 4/5 of BIGBANG is currently serving in the military, THE GREAT SEUNGRI holds the fort down.

This is incredible, but it’s also obvious he watched too many John Travolta movies.


Now that JYP is on Spotify, they have effectively almost all KPop. Apple Music has just about everything also. Every KPop everything is also on YouTube, you just have to search and you will find it.

Unlike JPop, the KPop companies spread their content far and wide.

There is also VLive which is like a Twitch/YouTube hybrid, but the only people allowed to have a channel are actual KPop stars and companies.


JPop companies need to get get with it!


They never will. They can’t let go of their Japanese ways.

As a wise Internet person once said “KPop fans are well fed.” If you are into KPop there is a never-ending fountain of content, most of it subtitled, even into non-English langauages like Thai, Chinese, Arabic, etc. This is the number one reason fandom has gotten so big. They produce more than 24 hours of professional KPop content every day. You can spend your entire waking life doing nothing else, and never getting bored. All for pretty much free.

The ultimate media for the Internet generation.


OMG The album has been out for a week now, but The Great Seungri had another music video in his back pocket. And let me tell you. It is a DOOZY.


So I can’t find an official version yet, but it looks like 5XID(!!!) is coming with a Japanese version of Up & Down? I can’t remember when last they had all five members. I’m really happy for them!


Yes, they are making a push into Japan (where the money is). Solji has supposedly recovered from her hyperthyroidism, but they are worried it could come back. It is still up in the air as to how much she will participate in their promotional activities.

Also, the Japanese album has a completely new track on it in addition to Japanese versions of Up & Down, Cream, and maybe another song.


Kpop adjacent. Looks like a member of RED VELVET learned english by living in a native english speaking place and has to adjust her accent to be understood sometimes.


Wendy is from Canada. She learned English the same way we did.

And yes, while Koreans do seem to have a hard time understanding “proper” English pronunciation vs. Korean accented pronunciation of English, that isn’t entirely what is going on here. This is on a variety show, and they are teasing/pestering her for the purposes of comedy.


Ah, fair enough. It’s also somewhat amusing anytime someone is speaking a foreign language and all of a sudden, unaccented english out of nowhere is heard. I enjoy that aspect of it as well.


There is a treasure trove of videos of KPop idols doing exactly this waiting for you to watch them. Off the top of my head, here are some KPop idols that are from English speaking countries or speak terrific English. If you search for them you’ll find good stuff.

SNSD Tiffany, 2NE1 CL, f(x) Amber, EXID Hani, KARD BM, GOT7 Jackson, Eric Nam, UKISS Kevin, 15& Jimin, Jessi, GOD Park Joon Hyung, Jay Park, JYP, BtoB Peniel.

I’m sure those are many more. Also, this video is great.


I havn’t been listening to any K-pop or korean-anything in months and months; been on a big Japanese City Pop groove (along with half of YouTube it seems) tho.

And so I have listened to this an unreasonable amount over the last week:

And while I’m way into the aesthetic and all that the jam is good and another take-away: I’m glad to see someone who looks (is) my age in one of these joints. Are we finally seeing the OG’s age into their 30’s making waves? Cuz I fuck with that heavy.


There has been a KPop earthquake.

Jeon Somi is a girl who was still in middle school when she appeared on JYP’s reality/competition show SIXTEEN. She ended up making it to the finals, but was eliminated. The winners of that show ended up forming TWICE, the biggest active KPop girl group right now.

After that she went to compete on the first season Produce 101, which is now in its third season (PRODUCE 48). She won first place. I voted for her, but it didn’t matter, since she won by such a large margin. As a result she was a member of the temporary group IOI, but that group has been disbanded for awhile now.

After that she went back to high school and JYP. She didn’t have a group to join since JYP just started TWICE and wouldn’t start a new girl group again so soon. Somi kept doing celebrity stuff. She appeared on a lot of TV shows. She was on a cute web show called “Idol Drama Operation Team”. She also appeared on the second season of Unnie’s Slam Dunk, an amazing all-woman variety show that has sadly not had a third season. She also appeared in a lot of other commercials and such and generally just been around for some years.

Rumors have been starting recently that JYP would actually make a group with Somi in it. She was seen and photographed in public hanging out with other trainees from JYP, especially a girl named Shin Ryu-jin, who was the winner of a different (bad) show called MIXNINE. JYP has confirmed that they are still working on a group with Ryu-jin in it, and it is progressing nicely, but no further details are provided.

Now a sudden and shocking news that Somi has left JYP. This wasn’t her contract running out of time. Her (her family) and JYP mutually agreed to end the contract prematurely.

Without any details, speculation is running wild. Was she tired of waiting and she wants to go to a different company that will debut her earlier? Does she not like the direction JYP was going with the group? Does she not want to be an idol anymore? Does she not want to be a celebrity anymore? She is still only 17 years old which is frighteningly young for someone who has had such a life already.

Good luck Somi.

In other news. Red Velvet’s new album is still dominating.

And of course :bomb::bomb::bomb: is coming back again very very soon, and they upgraded the stick.


It’s just a teaser, but I’ll post it anyway.


LOONA OT12 debuted! Technically they held a debut concert, which I’ve never heard of before - once again, shaking up the group debut cycle. I might have shed a tear or two (jk) - this one is technically their “predebut” song, I think? I really like it.

And the long-awaited debut song! (I personally am a huge fan of favOriTe over this, but this is cute).

I’d really love for them to do more songs sounding like Heart Attack or Singing In The Rain. A lot of speculation they’ll break out into subunits for future work as well!


Someone is spending a lot of money on this LOONA business. I’ve never seen any group with so much push behind them.



Taeyeon (and someone I’m not familiar with) recently-ish released a new song with an LGBT-themed video. Say what?


It’s Melomance.