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Wow, I love that! Now I’m just imagining the possibilities of a Twice series.

Someone did something in a similar vein for Loona, but it’s in the style of a BBC/Sci-fi (a la Orphan Black) opening, which I really liked as well.




I feel like a bad Kpop fan, but I just… don’t understand the BTS phenomenon, in that I’m truly confused (not that I think they’re a bad group!). I was out of the scene from about 2011 to last year, and I’m fairly familiar with boy groups getting ultra-popular (for example, it was TVXQ or Big Bang back then, then I think EXO). I’ve tried playing catchup but still feel like I must just be missing the quality in this group that fans see sets them apart.

I’m super happy KPop is reaching this mainstream American audience - it’s obviously a genre I love and the more the merrier, but I’m confused over how popular they’ve become. They have some awesome songs but to become such a worldwide phenomenon…? I would love to hear if anyone has any context or perspectives here. Maybe I’m just too much of a lesbian to get it; for obvious reasons I’ve always been an almost-exclusively girl group fan.



Michael Strahan and BTS. What world is this?


Here’s an interesting thing. I pretty dogmatically avoid listening to any live recordings of anything because I can’t stand the noise of the crowd. Every now and then my ears are assaulted anyway with this noise and when it’s kpop (I also remember this from the early 2000s when I was marginally into JPop), I can’t help but notice the crowd seems coordinated in some way.

How does this happen? Do they all meet up beforehand and agree when the correct time to yell out the bands name is? Is it some strange emergent property of crowds in Korea? It’s not like a chant or anything, I’m familiar with chants from baseball. No it’s something else, just like on some beat of the song they all yell the same thing at the same time. Not always the bands name either. This mystifies me.


It’s a fan chant. They are organized by the official fan clubs.


Do they like all practice beforehand?


Someone makes a video that shows everyone how to do it and they practice at home.


Wendy and…

John Legend?!?!?!

STATIONx0 is killing it by the way. Their last track was an all-star team of Seulgi, SinB, Chungah, and Soyeon.

Right now other than Yuri and Soyou’s solo releases there isn’t much going on. KPop seems to be in one of those low points where the ballads top the charts and the lower tier groups fill the music shows. I think everyone is parting the sea like moses to make room for IU an EXO coming soon.


Oh man, That Stationx0 is just ridonks. Every time I see Soyeon I’m like “Wow, who is this, I should listen to more of her stuff!” and then I realize… I have.

This isn’t new at all, but I just wanted to highlight the choreo of G-IDLE’s Hann. I legitimately think this is the best (coolest?) GG choreography I’ve ever seen. Making a really strong play for ROTY…


G-IDLE I think is guaranteed to be ROTY. What competition is there?


I’m surrounded by Loona fans who are absolutely gunning for it, though I agree with you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Loona (obviously), and I think the project as a whole is awesome, but if you just look at their fairly quiet official debut song vs G-IDLE bursting onto the scene… I really don’t know how they can be compared, unless you’re maaaybe trying to compare Loona-the-project (which was all “pre-debut”, so I don’t think it could even count by any reasonable means.)


I think LOONA is a better group in almost all aspects, and probably even has more international popularity. Over time I think they will be bigger than (G)-IDLE. But there is no question that in terms of Korean chart performance and popularity right now (G)-IDLE is way ahead.


All the major KPop groups are chilling in the practice room while they wait for IU to stop hogging the charts.


Right now it’s autumn, which means Korea blasts out the slow emotional music and not the summer jams. Got some Zion.T featuring Seulgi right now, but I’m not that into it.

Lee Hi is coming, which is great, but she’s going to cover Queen for the Freddy movie? Weird?

The big groups are coming back in November. While we wait, let’s enjoy a blast from the past.


Back from vacation and BoA came walking on in, upside down.

We thought that upside down walk was just for the music video, but she’s actually doing it on the music shows also XD

IZ*ONE debuted, but their song is meh, IMHO.

November is gonna be crazy though. Just about every major group has a release.


November of doom has begun:


So this only sorta belongs here, on one hand, but on the other, this 100% belongs here.

So I know very little about the background of this, but from what I can tell Riot Games partnered with (G)-IDLE to make this amazing video.

It combines 2 things I love, KPop and really good animation. Shame this didn’t come out like 5 years ago when I was still into League of Legends.