It's Handegg Season

WTF is happening Green Bay? I wanted to see Rodgers vs. Brady. That could have been some legendary biz. Now it looks like I’m gonna see Brady and Matty Ice? Laaaame.

In a stunning reversal of Rym’s prediction, NFL is back to roman numerals for this Superbowl, officially calling it Superbowl LI in marketing.

So far this is the worst NFC Championship game I’ve ever seen.

So far it’s top 3. Go Falcons. Rise up!

First of all, the game is boring as hell.

Second of all, I’m fine with either team winning, but why are you rooting for Atlanta? Green Bay has the best ownership in all of sports. They are an old and extremely respectable franchise. Rodgers is a real stand-up dude. Atlanta isn’t bad or anything, but they’re no Green Bay. Unless you are a Bears, Vikings, Lions or Falcons fan to begin with, Green Bay is clearly the team to root for.

Doesn’t matter now, though. Hoodie gonna get number five.

  1. That fucking bullshit narrative that the Packers are the darlings. I don’t let that shit factor into whom I want to root for.

  2. Bird Brothership

  3. Dan Quinn came from the Seahawks.

  4. The last time Atlanta was in it and that was last time at the 2012 NFC Championships vs the 49ers. After that their records went:
    2013: 4-12
    2014: 6-10
    2015: 8-8

How can you not root for that?

  1. Having the last game in the Georgia Dome be a win is an awesome way to go.

The bullshit narrative is backed up by a whole lot of history. 90+ years of it. Same for my G-Men. Your middle aged bird teams should respect your elders.

Also, why root for a team from the South when there’s a team from the North? Fuck Geogria, the Georgia dome, and that whole geographic area.

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Don’t give a shit about that narrative at all. Fuck it.

Essentially, you’re telling me how to be a NFL fan. LOL


We had this argument on the old forum that you basically are stating that we can’t root for the newer teams because the older, established franchises deserve it. The NFL wouldn’t be as prestigious without the old and new.

Your bullshit rules are a joke.

You say fuck Georgia? At least they are being awesome in the wake of Trump criticizing them. Wisconsin has Scott Walker who is a complete douche bag.

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Unrelated to handegg, but I got accepted into Georgia Tech and RIT, I chose RIT because they gave me more money to go there. In an ever so slightly different universe, I could have been on the other side of this one. No reason to hate on them.


Feh, I’ll root for the Evil League of Evil over all the flying vermin brootherhood any day of the week.

I have no problem with that. It’s pretty magnanimous on what the Patriots will accomplish with the W, but I love a good underdog.

The Pats are getting ready for a 5th ring with Brady! Here’s some music to sing along to.

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The one good thing about the Pro Bowl. No penalty for this!

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We’ve been wrong this whole time. Tom Brady isn’t the best draft pick ever:

NFL Draft: 2000 / Round: 6 / Pick: 199

Bart Starr is.

1956 / Round: 17 / Pick: 200

GG Patriots. See everyone next year.

Holy shit. Superbest Owl ever?