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Ugh. Fuck anyone who supports that bill.



Bill Cosby has been found guilty on all three counts of sexual assault he faced.




And in surprise WTF news today…







As someone who’s currently typing this on a Spectrum connection, does anyone have an idea what this actually means for customers?
I’ve read a couple of articles, but they both were the same story rehashed.


I found this article with the potential aftermath.

Will I lose my cable/internet service?


The commission’s order Friday specifically states Charter must continue providing service throughout the process to transition to a new cable provider.

“Charter Communications, Inc. shall not abandon any regulated service during the pendency of plan required to be filed,” the order states.

What happens next?

Under the order, Charter has to provide a transition plan to the state within 60 days.

That deadline, however, could easily be delayed by a court if Charter decides to sue. And if it ends up in the courts, the process could drag on for months or years.

Also, as a consequence, Charter’s purchase of Time Warner Cable may be legally reversed.


Oh god. (1) it makes me a bit happy to see big telecoms get hit for all the bad stuff they do, but (2) “rolling back” a giant purchase like that sounds like hell. Maybe they counted on, “nobody would actually enforce this, it’d be too complicated.”



The Supreme Court of India just struck down laws criminalizing sex between two consenting adults of the same gender.


Alex Jones and Infowars are finally banned from Twitter.